Back to Basics


As March comes to an end, I find myself breathing a huge sigh of relief. This month has NOT been good to me. There are many days spread throughout this month that make my heart ache & make me want to curl up in my bed and stay there until April.

On top of dealing with a few tough days related to my father this month, I’ve managed to stay sick for two straight weeks, get behind on all of my homework, and this past Saturday I had to put my cat down.

Suffice to say, I’m pretty finished with feeling sad. My emotions took over this month and I’ve been less than productive. I’ve purposely ignored goals, ignored healthy eating, and ignored homework. I’ve cocooned myself from all the things that matter and given myself a month of doing things that I need to do for ME. I don’t regret it, but it’s time to move on.

It’s time to get back to the basics of what this year is supposed to be about for me. I always let myself get really down in March (no matter how hard I try NOT to) so I really want April to be turning over a new leaf for me.

I’m ridiculously busy literally right up until March 31st (that is the day of the HUGE Hunger Games event I’ve tirelessly helped organize at work) but as of April 1st, I’m starting over.

Back to goals, back to healthy living, and most importantly back to trying to feel more like myself again. I need to get out of this March funk and get back to being excited about summer, 4 months off, and doing all the things I love. I want to plan a trip and get accepted into the school program of my choice. I want to remember how to just easily brush things off without feeling like I have a huge weight on my shoulders.

March has definitely not been good to me, but as of April? I’m going to make good things happen. Back to basics I go.

How has your March been? Any good plans for the coming months?


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  1. I’m sorry you’ve had such a horrible month sweety 😦 But it’s fab how positive you are about April and Summertime 🙂 hope it’s much much better xxx

  2. Sorry to hear that March hasn’t been a great month for you, but it’s fantastic that you were able to take a Pause and do what you had to do for you, and that you’re ready to Press Play again as we’re coming into April =) I just turned nineteen this month and I’ve decided that it’s time to really start living and not just sitting on the sidelines. I’ve just started blogging my way through my attempts to complete Richard Horne’s list of “101 Things to Do Before You Die” and your blog, travels, life lists and positivity are a huge inspiration =) x

    • Hehe totally love your little play on my blog’s title there- you totally get what it’s about around here! That’s exactly what I’m doing though. You know, I think it’s around the time I turned 19-20 that I started doing a list of goals as well, so good for you! It’ll be such an eye opener for you as you get through his list of goals. 🙂

  3. Girl, me too! I’ve been letting my emotions slow down my productivity! I want to have a more positive attitude and more motivation come April 1st. I definitely need to start eating healthy again too. In March I ate way too many cupcakes!

    Great post! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • It’s a relief to know it’s not just me who has the blues around this time of the year. We’ll get out of it though! Cupcakes are a healer, I’m convinced of it 😉 April will be great for us both.

  4. I’m so sorry you were sick and had to put your cat down. On top of everythig else, March has been rough on you. I hope April is much better. I’ve been (im)patiently waiting to hear back from the English Department at my schoolon whether or not I got into the MFA program. I’ll be glad when I finally hear something. What are you applying for?

    • March definitely hasn’t been my favorite. Good luck on getting into the MFA program! Fingers crossed for you 🙂 I’m applying into a business program actually, which has been really tough on me. SO much more work than what I’m used to with my usual English/Psych courses. But I’m excited to get a bit of knowledge in the business world!

  5. I’m so sorry that you’ve been having these bad moments. My bad month was last month, so I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I can only hope that things get better.

  6. It seems like quite a few of us are in a March funk. I think it’s partially the time of year… The holidays are over, but summer isn’t quite here yet, so it’s just sort of an in between time. I was down last March, I was down this March. I don’t know if it’s avoidable for me as much of it has to do with CFA studying.

    Lately i have been trying to rise above it and focus on the positive. It works sometimes, other times not so well. But in general, I feel like I am turning the corner! And I hope you start to feel better, too!

    • It really does seem like March hasn’t been great for many people. I agree, it must have something to do with this time of the year. I just can’t WAIT for summer- that always lifts my spirits right up.

      Hope you’re starting to feel better as well! Once your studying is done in June, I’m sure you’ll be jumping for joy. You can do it!

  7. I am sorry that March hasn’t been a banner month for you. I think that March is always a difficult month — winter has been to long and spring seems so far away. I’m really sorry to hear about your cat. Sending hugs from GA. I hope April is much kinder to you.

  8. This time of the year is tough on a lot of people, I think, but you’ve had a lot of things thrown at you this month that is A LOT. An overwhelming amount. Add to how busy you’ve been and you are entitled for taking time for you.

    I can’t wait to see what April brings, though. Sometimes, what you need is a new month to readjust and reaffirm your goals. You know where to find me if you ever need some motivation!

    • Definitely needing this new month to start fresh. I need things to start looking up! I’m trying to make the best of things for now, though. Maybe all the bad stuff will stop happening if I’m feeling more positive? I’m giving it a shot! Thanks for your support girl ❤

  9. I’m sorry it’s been such a crappy month. Your March sounds like my October 2011. But I’m glad you’ve made the decision to get back to basics. As bad as my fall was, I’m so ridiculously happy right now, I’m almost grateful for what I had to go through to get here.

    Hope it all gets better for you soon.

    • We’ve all got that *month* that never seems to let up, it seems. Hopefully life starts looking up for me too, you seem to be doing really well, so I’ve got hope that I’ll be turning a corner very soon! Thanks for your sweet comment.

  10. I’m sorry that it has been a less than stellar month for you 😦 I am happy to see that you are so upbeat and positive for the coming month, though. That is wonderful 🙂 Please, take time for yourself. It is so important. Dance, sing, draw, write. Do things that are YOU. Sitting in silence is good too.

    • I’m definitely trying to make sure I’m doing some things just for ME, it’s just been tough with everything I’ve had going on. But I’m doing my best! I’m just excited for the next few months, particularly because summer always lifts my spirit.

      Thank you for the sweet comment!! 🙂

  11. Sometimes life gets the better of us and I am glad you were able to just step back, ignore goals and intentions, and just be (and recover from your sickness).
    It’s only a couple of days and you will have a fresh start in April. Yay!


  12. I’m sorry to hear about all of your struggles and your cat. 😦 I have a feeling April will be great all around. March was pretty crappy around these parts too. I tend to go through phases. Amazing productiveness one minute, then blah-blah-blah the next. You’ll bounce back, no worries 🙂

    • You know, I re-read my posts from this time last year and I wrote about having a crappy March in 2011 too. I totally bounced back though, you’re right. It’s April now, so I’m totally ready to start fresh!

  13. Yuck! I’m sorry that your March was not great. I spent more days away than at home in March which makes me feel tremendously behind in like everything. Here’s hoping that April is the turn around you need. Sending you warm thoughts as always!

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