12 Changes: April


At the end of last week, I wrote about how I needed time off from goals in March, so I basically ignored everything I had planned and did whatever I darn well pleased for almost the whole month. It was lovely.

Last year, when I wasn’t part of 12 Changes, I still did monthly goals. I would write a few things that I really wanted to aim for each month (books to read, goals from my 101 in 1,001 that I wanted to start on), and I realized this weekend that I really miss having goals like that, too. I mean, it’s great to want to improve your well being but thinking about ways to constantly do better is exhausting. It really is.

When I originally started to plan my 12 Changes project, I chose to tackle Procrastination for April. I still really want to work on this, because I’m AWFUL at procrastinating, and I’m in my final exam period for the month. It’s the perfect time to learn how to study in advance & set up my time so that I’m not cramming for 12 hours a day the week before finals.

April will be about making school a priority.Β 

I have exams on April 18th and on April 22nd. I have a LOT of concerts and interviews planned as well, and I don’t want to miss out on any fun because I’m procrastinating. I want to fit in time for myself, time to work, and time to go out with friends in between study sessions. I want to have enough time to feel BEYOND comfortable with my school material. I want to end this semester feeling good, productive & ready to enjoy the summer months ahead.

I have a few other intentions for this month though. Because as much as I needed some time to just BE, I also remind myself that the best things in life come with hard work.Β 

By NOT procrastinating, that will mean a few things:Β 

1. Getting off the computer a little more. I want to completely shut off everything but music for a few hours while I study. I want my study time to be productive and I will not be able to properly focus with Facebook/Twitter etc.

2. Studying 4-5 times a week. I want to spread out my studying throughout the week. I know I won’t be able to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I’d like to get a few hours in at least four times a week. As I get closer to my exams I’ll have to dedicate more and more time to doing well, but I want to get ahead start before then.

3. Make more time for me. Away from the computer, away from the stress of exams. I want to read more, especially. I used to be able to read 4-5 books a month and now? I’m lucky to finish even TWO.

4. Being more mindful of the minutes and the hours in a day. I often find myself perusing the internet for hours without seeing the time go by. But I want to be more mindful of where all my time is going. I hate that I seem to have so little time to accomplish things that some people seem to have SO MUCH TIME FOR. I’m just really bad at time management, and it all comes back to procrastination.

I love procrastinating, I’m a freaking champion at it. I come up with all the excuses in the world to NOT do homework right NOW when in reality it should be a priority. And that’s the thing, I tend to lose sight of my priorities because I see so many people around me having fun and doing things that are NOT homework.

April is about finding the balance in life again, enjoying the good things but finding time for the important things too!

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  1. You’ve set up some very clear goals to give you a less procrastinated life! Maybe making a to-do list for those hours that you have for yourself, outlining when you want to study and do other things to make sure you’re not wasting time? I know I can get caught up in the Internet when I should be doing other things and it’s something I’ve thought about doing often.

    I hope your studying goes well this month! Make a plan and break up all the studying you have to do in smaller steps so it doesn’t seem so MUCH to study for.

  2. I really miss school and studying and taking notes. I miss the deadlines and the papers and the late night crams! I’ll just live vicariously through you.

  3. Yeah once your out of school you will definitely miss uni…I am back to school doing part time and I live at home this time… I can say its not the same as your 4 yrs of undergrad but I do enjoy the studying and late night cramming….keeps my mind working…

    Good luck to all your interviews…I have a couple this month also along with final exams and projects…

    Time is flying!

  4. Oh, good luck, both with the finals and the battle on procrastination. I am a queen procrastinator too, and (while procrastinating) I saw this video on YouTube the other day that I thought you might like: http://youtu.be/zRyf23boUO4. The bit about leaving the laundry is tooooo familiar. I love that you are so willing to set goals and push yourself. I’m always inspired.

  5. I always like reading your goals and love your optimistic approach to them! Getting off the computer more is always a good idea, I find. Good luck love!

  6. I am a huge procrastinator so I can relate. Over the weekend my television decided to crap out. Now, I’m not sure when/if I’ll replace it. Its forced me to turn to blogging and reading more which is really what I want in the first place. Good luck on your goal!

  7. Good luck to you! Sounds like you’ve got a great plan to achieve this goal! I can relate to this post as my life is so centered around studying right now. All I can say is keep your eyes on the prize (having finals behind you). That’s what I am doing in terms of my CFA studying.

  8. Since i changed blogs and closed FB i’ve found that i’m on the computer less and connecting with my family more. I’m a huge procrastinator and was worried about my no goals experiment, but it seems to be going well.
    what ever you do or do not do the important thing is to be happy doing it πŸ™‚

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