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Last week I wrote a post called “If you don’t succeed, try & try again” because I was feeling kind of hopeless about figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing in my life. The great thing about blogging stories about my successes and my failures is that I am always sincerely amazed at the responses I get. I say this all the time, but I do try more than anything to write for ME; I am just so grateful when YOU take the time to write a comment of understanding.

Because in the end, we’re all endlessly looking for the THING we are meant to do. 

As much as I am happy with my life right now, I am always yearning for something more. On the day that I wrote that post, I had worried myself into believing that wanting more meant I was unhappy. I was reminded thirteen times that wasn’t the case.

I love all the comments I receive. I really do. But sometimes, I’ll receive a particular one that really sticks with me. I often try to reply to comments on my blog, but every once in a while I like to send out e-mail responses. It’s more than just letting new readers know that I love having them around; I love sending out those e-mails because it means making a longer lasting connection with someone who took the time to reach out to me when I was doubting myself.

Today, I want to share a comment that I received on that post that turned into a series of e-mails and, I think, a new (long distance) friendship.


Here’s the comment: 

Hey Melissa,

I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and even if it’s not that much and that we only read and learn about what you agree to share with us, I can tell this one thing, you’re worth it. Otherwise, why would people come and visit your page again and again? I can tell I’m inspired by your life goals, the life lessons you sometimes talk about here and I also can feel how passionate about some topics you are.

I don’t blame you for doubting, I’m a 23 years old girl dreading the same things as you do, sharing the same dreams and obsessions as you do (Harry Potter forever^^). I’ll just tell you this, you go girl, the world is waiting for you.

(Sorry if there are any English mistakes… I’m French)

Yep, even in Paris you’re famous ;)


Here is part of the e-mail I sent her soon after receiving the above comment: 

I don’t always send out e-mails to people who comment on my posts, but I just HAD to after reading yours today. I had literally just had (another) bad morning even though I was trying so hard to have a really great day, and I was really beginning to get frustrated with the whole world. And literally as soon as I’m about to call it a day and just give up until tomorrow, I get your comment. I’m not even sure I can explain to you how much I smiled! I’m so glad you’ve been reading and following along on my blog, especially all the way from Paris- how cool!! 

I’ve always said that I write just for myself, but sometimes I get comments like yours that just make it all worthwhile on the days that feel extra crappy. So I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say THANK YOU for totally making me smile today! I really needed it 🙂

I wasn’t even expecting a reply back to my e-mail. I just wanted to let her know that I sincerely appreciated her taking a second to leave me a comment. Instead, I received a response detailing the reasons she loves reading my blog.

And to top it all off? In her own words, “a photo of Paris taken two days ago, to give you a little inspiration back“.

I love the photo. It’s a picture that one of her friends spontaneously captured. It’s no secret around here that I love to travel and I love seeing pieces of the world. There is no way that I would keep such a pretty picture all to myself; I want to share her friend’s image in the hopes of sending everyone else a little inspiration from another part of the world.

You can check out Alice’s gorgeous work on her website Alice’s Wonderland, too!

It may have only been a couple e-mails and a photo from across the ocean, but Iwas definitely re-inspired, not to mention reminded that the world isn’t as terrible and hopeless as it sometimes seems. There’s a reason I’m always dreaming of bigger and better things!

Have you ever received a comment, e-mail or even a photo from someone that inspired you or made you smile?


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  1. Awww this is so great! The connections we make through our blogs to our readers and other bloggers is so amazing. Makes me not care about the number of followers I have. Finding out you inspired someone and then making a true friend (in Paris!) is just the icing on the cake.
    Glad you’re feeling better 😉

  2. I always smile when i receive a reply from you because i know that you put some thought in to every response, which makes it feel like you genuinely care.
    when i blog now i really am writing for me and instead of looking for hundres of views and comments, i look to make a connection with someone. that connection can only happen when you’re yourself and when it does it can blossom in to friendship as much as it can in real life.
    i come back to your blog and look forward to your comments not just because you’re a great and honest writer, but because i consider you a friend.
    keep making connections 🙂

  3. Oh, I love this so much!! That photo is absolutely breathtaking and I’m just so happy you were able to make a connection like this. It’s so wonderful when a simple comment can lead to a new friendship!

    I have received a handful of emails from teen girls who read my “Letters to my future husband” series and feel a strong connection to me through it. I know girls waiting on their future husbands is a small minority and it always inspires ME when girls email me to tell me how much peace and hope my posts have brought them. I never set out to do that, only wanting to get the thoughts out for myself, but it’s always thrilling to see I am touching girls I don’t even know with my words! It’s definitely fueled a passion for this type of work. 🙂

  4. aw, this is so sweet (and I am envious of the fact that you have a Parisian reader!! I am totally obsessed with Paris!).

    Yes, I have been inspired and touched by so many who have commented on my blog. Especially on my soul baring posts. There have been people who have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself anymore, and that is really powerful.

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