Resolutions [A Quarterly Review]


At the beginning of January, I set myself up with a bunch of goals for 2012 and I thought it was high time I reviewed to see how I was doing! I have a sneaking suspicion that 1/4 into the year and I’m doing pretty badly, but I haven’t looked at my list in a while so hopefully I’ll feel re-inspired to complete my goals by the end of the December!

1. Complete my 12 Changes project

I was definitely hoping to stay more motivated throughout this project, but so far 4 months in I kind of feel like I’m losing my steam with it. Not because I don’t like my goals or because they’re too difficult (they really aren’t) I just haven’t felt motivated to keep up. But I WANT to be. I am just kind of lazy. Let’s see if I can fix this!

2. Finish my 23 Before 23 goals by July 10th 2012 (the last day of the challenge, of course!)

I’ve done surprisingly well on this list considering I thought I had WAY more left to do. I mean, I still have quite a bit left to do but I’ve accepted that some of these goals may not be crossed off. The majority will! I’m in the middle of like half of them and planning for a few more, so hopefully once school is over I’ll be able to spend more time on them.

3. Finish, as best I can, my 101 Goals in 1,001 Days, which ends on September 28th 2012

In my mind, this goal is already practically completed. I just reviewed them before writing this post and did some crossing off of goals that I no longer WANT to complete and tried to remind myself of what I have left.

4. Decide what to do next once all my lists of goals are completed. Another 101? Another birthday list?

Definitely not another birthday list, I think my 23 Before 23 has been my least favorite to accomplish because of the tight time frame. Right now I don’t even know if I want to create another list of any sort because the idea of having NO LIST after 3 years of constantly having them at the back of my mind just sounds freeing. Then again, I loved my 101 in 1,001 so maybe I could do that? We’ll see. I still have time for this one.

5. Read 60 books

I’ve been doing pretty bad with my reading goal, to be honest. In 3 and a half months I’ve read like 9 books. I don’t even know why, I just haven’t put enough of my time aside for it! I currently put my goal down to 50 books and Goodreads still tells me I’m VERY BEHIND. We’ll see what I can do this summer to catch up!

6. Make an effort to blog more about books and music that I love, rather than just using them to fill up days that I don’t know what else to write

This has been an important goal for me because it’s meant trying to steer my blog into a particular direction instead of just random posts every day. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of doing this so far this year- I’ve reviewed most books that I’ve read and often talk about music around here. I’ve also been focusing a lot more on my honest posts and my personal writing. I’ve felt really good about my space lately!

7. Travel 

I have some potential plans for this summer, which was the idea behind this goal. I am determined to go SOMEWHERE in my 4 months off. There is no way I will stay home all that time. I want to get back on a plane and SOON. Florida was a great way to kick off my travel plans in February, but I need more out of 2012.

8. Complete my 365 picture challenge

Still going strong! I’m past day 150 now, you can follow along with me on my Facebook.

9. Take part in the 2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge (thanks again for the link, Miranda!) 

So far 8 out of the 9 books I’ve read this year are YA, which means I am almost 1/4 through this challenge. I guess that means I’m almost on schedule? Except I’d like to read more than 40 books this year and I have a TON of adult fiction to catch up on, so I need to pick up my reading pace that I seem to have left behind in 2011!

10. Make 2012 all about happiness, adventure, taking risks, and accomplishments

I had completely forgotten about this goal, but I think subconsciously I knew this is what I wanted out of 2012. My ‘Little Moments’ of every day life help remind me to stay happy, but as for the rest I think I am naturally just headed in that direction. Again, I feel like these are ideas that often come up in my blog posts which means I must be headed in the direction of risk taking and accomplishment-making. I don’t think I’m anywhere near completing this goal as it’s more of a life goal than just 2012, but I still want to make this year one to remember!

All in all, I’m not doing AS BAD as I had thought, but I do need to stop being lazy so often. I hate that I feel so tired after work all the time & rarely have energy to do other things. I want to change that feeling before my next review!

Have a fantastic weekend!

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? 


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  1. You are doing well!!

    I have my progress reports planned for the end of every other month. So in a few more weeks! I’m almost done with one of my finanical goals and haven’t even started on the other. I’m one book behind according to GoodReads (maybe 2 books soon) in my goal to read 50 books.

  2. You do realize you have 3 different lists of goals, right? No wonder you’re all “goaled out”! Haha. 😉 You are doing VERY WELL considering all you want to accomplish!

    I’m doing pretty well with my resolutions. I mean, there are some I’m not as determined to cross off as I was earlier this year. And there are some I may want to add. I think it’s good to take a look at your list and reassess because we change SO MUCH through the year and our goals change with them.

  3. This is a really great list of goals! I did a 30 before 30 list and only accomplished about half of it becuase that I crafted the list the year before I turned 30 and just ran out of time. So I haven’t really made a huge list since because it’s just too daunting for me, honestly! But my goals for the year were to really focus on my finances (which I have done an awesome job at) and to pass the CFA exam, and I have definitely worked as hard as I could possibly can to achieve that goal, so I feel pretty good about the year thus far! I also have a goal to run a sub-4:10 marathon, but I haven’t started really training for that so I can’t really assess how I am doing, but I am happy w/ the mileage I’ve been getting in.

  4. I’m with you on a lot of these. I cannot find enough time in the day to as much reading as I really want to do. And I too want to gear the blog toward more “intentional” music/books topics. But we’ve already had that conversation. lol
    great post! 🙂

  5. Looks like you’re doing a great job so far, friend 🙂 My only resolution was to argue less on the Internet which I think I’m doing grew with…hahaa!

  6. I think once you have completed this years goals that you should repeat 101 in 1001. only this time don’t have a list. instead you have to record 101 new experiences in 1001 days. not only is it freeing to have no list, it’s rewarding to look at your list as it grows and realise just how much of aj adventure your life really is!

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