Endings, beginnings, and 4 months of freedom!


Well, I did it. I survived my second year of University! 

Granted, I was only a part-time student, but that just meant juggling more work hours with studying hours. I can’t say it’s the most fun I’ve ever had, and as excited as I was to try some new classes they didn’t turn out to be as fun as I had hoped. Nonetheless, if all goes well, in 4 months from now I’ll be starting my official Bachelor’s degree in a business program! 

It hasn’t been easy. Anyone who has followed this blog in the last 2 years has heard me moan and groan often enough about the number of pre-requisite courses I’ve had to take to get into my choice program. Honestly, it’s my own fault. I’m the one who thought to myself throughout high school “who needs math?”… I do, past self. I do. Sigh. 

In any case, I had my very last math exam last night. Truth be told it did not go nearly as well as I had hoped. I wanted to walk in there, ace it, walk out, and be on vacation for 4 months. But in my true worrying nature, I’m quite the nervous wreck about it. If I don’t get the grade I need, I either have to re-take the class for a third time (I’ve never failed it, but to get into business I need a high grade in math and I don’t DO high grades in math. It doesn’t come naturally to me!) or I decide on another path. And I mean, okay, that would suck. But luckily there are a million things I could see myself doing with my future. I just REALLY want this.

Now that I’ve slept on my worry, though, I can honestly say that I am ridiculously proud of myself. When I was 18 I was drifting aimlessly and irresponsibly through life, spending money like it was my job and not thinking about my future. 4 years later I am not only about to begin a degree in a prestigious business school (I like to say it’s prestigious, anyway) but… I KNOW MATH. I barely scraped by in high school, and now I’m able to get DECENT GRADES. Regardless of the two years it took me to get here, I needed to be here.

And now? 

I have 4 whole months off. It was the ending of my least favorite chapter of University. Drifting around, walking in circles, having no particular program or group to associate to. Now I can breathe easy knowing it should all be done, and I get to start fresh in September. I mean, hopefully. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get the grade I need.

I’m excited for this summer. I have fond memories of last year, what with going to Europe for the first time and falling in love with a new culture. Summer is my favorite time of the year- not only because it’s my birthday and the most beautiful weather, but because all the best concerts come into town & it opens up so many possibilities for traveling. And you just KNOW I’ll be traveling this summer, right? But more on that some other time.

So here’s to ending a tough two years in my life. But hard work pays off, and I”m going to enjoy my last summer of absolute freedom. I’ll be starting something so big and so new to me next school year and I am SO excited.

I can’t wait to see what summer brings, I just pray that whoever’s in charge gives me the grades I need to move ahead next year. Seriously, it’s time to get this Bachelor’s degree!

What is something you worked really hard for & were proud of  your results?


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  1. Congrats, lady! You finished and I am thinking of positive thoughts with regard to your math grade. I know you have what it takes to get into business school.

    I think getting my Bachelor’s degree was the hardest thing I’ve ever worked for. It took me a long time, what with switching majors and everything!, but it’s still my proudest accomplishment and graduation was such a thrilling time for me. I can’t wait for YOU to experience that as well!

    • Thank you!! I remember reading about your trials & tribulations through your degree. It seems like that was AGES ago already and yet it was only last year, crazy! We’re similar in the sense that we both changed programs along the way, too. I can only hope that I get in, but if I don’t? I have to re-think things. I do believe everything happens for a reason (and I had things to tell you about this, actually) so once I get my grades back, we’ll see where that leaves me. I’m learning to take it one step at a time. For right now, I am just so happy to be done and proud for what I’ve accomplished. It’s still something!

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy the four months, it sounds like you’ve earned them! And best of luck on the math grade. Sending good vibes your way!

    • Thank you Anna! Four months are highly needed right now. I have tons of other things to keep me busy so I know I won’t be twiddling my thumbs! haha. But I am looking forward to a break from homework and studying and MATH. It’s been 2 straight years. My brain needs a break!

  3. Congrats! i dont think i’ve ever worked hard to get some where. i’ve always done enough to get by and then complained after about how i shoulda, coulda, woulda. it’s good to hear you’re still so excited about next year.

      • Hahaha fair enough, I guess same here, especially when it comes to the blog! I’ll spend hours on it, and somehow *forget* I had other things to do!

  4. Congrats! It must feel so good to have another semester behind you! I am sure you’ll do great in your program!

    The hardest thing I’ve worked towards is definitely the CFA designation that I am currently working on. Its so much work, it makes undergrad and grad school pale in comparison. But I know the hardwork and dedication will be worth it…

    And with that it’s study time… I have to do 16 hours between now & Sunday night so def have my work cut out for me. 🙂

  5. Yay! What an accomplishment. Congrats on all the hard work you’ve done. And even better – can’t wait to see what you have planned for these next four months!

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