The Book Chat {Vol 10}


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Today’s question: What are you favorite childhood books?

I was a bit of a strange reader as a kid. To be honest, I don’t remember reading picture books with my mom when I was very young, but I do have vivid memories of my father taking me to the library and looking at stories for a few hours. I don’t remember ever having a favorite though as I never owned any of them- I think I liked just going and looking at everything the library had to offer.

As I got a bit older he would also often bring me (strangely enough) to the place where I now work. It’s been open for about 15 years now, which was just a few years before he passed away. When the store was first built there was a huge castle in the kids’ department with computers to play games on. I loved going and playing with the other children, looking at the thousands of books, and every once in a while I was treated to a new chapter book! Those are my fondest memories as a child, which may kind of explain my fondness for where I work now. It’s changed a LOT (and expanded somewhat) since then, but it’s always felt like I came around full circle when I started working in the place that I practically grew up in.

I started remembering the books I read when I was around 7 or so. Other than buying them with my dad, my mom would often give me two dollars to run across the street to the Dollar Store to pick up the newest edition of The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin. It kind of feels like every girl my age read those; I’m sad I don’t remember much about them other than the cheesy 90’s covers, but I constantly recommend them at work to girls who were the same age as me!

After those books, I read a lot of random Scholastic titles; Animorphs, Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, Goosebumps, Fear Street and other various chapter books that I was allowed to buy at book fairs or through the Scholastic flyers at school. I’m not even sure I can begin to explain my love for Scholastic. Even today? One of my top picks all the time for customers. I’m just going to throw this out into the Universe- I would TOTALLY work for Scholastic. 🙂

Other than Harry Potter, I started reading a series around the age of 9 called the California Diaries. They were also by Ann M. Martin actually (I think this was her series right after Babysitter’s Club?) although not many people remember them besides me!I still have a few of those and I can’t even tell you how many times I read them. Over and over again. Unfortunately they’re way out of print now, but I’m fairly convinced I’d still totally love them if they came back out. They all followed a group of friends who had to keep journals in school. Each of the friends had their own series of books (Dawn had a few, then Amalia, Ducky, Sunny, and Maggie) and at some point in their journals they meet and all their lives start to become intertwined. I loved it. I remember their individual stories SURPRISINGLY well- they each battled their own important real life situations, and even as a kid I could appreciate how scary the world could be for other people.

I think it was right around then that Harry Potter came out and, well, the rest is history! 

I feel like I kind of went on a little tangent with this Book Chat, but I suppose that’s what it’s all about? Little tidbits about my reading life and how it shaped me as a person! As an adult, I buy books in excess. I think I like making up for the fact that money was so tight as a child and receiving a new book was a REAL treat. I still have a ton of those first chapter books and keep them in a safe place- I just wish I’d kept those cheesy Babysitter’s Club books! Those covers are so priceless.

What are some of your childhood favorites?


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  1. Yes that is what it’s all about. I tend to go on tangents too, but I find that the book chat prompts influence me to write some great stand-alone posts. So, yes, tangent away! lol
    This is a great post! I loved the library as a kid too (and still do). So many possibilities and stories and so much to explore. I love it. I almost got a job at B&N as a teenager but I turned it down because I was afraid it would ruin my favorite place on earth. LOL Like working at Disney World.
    I also read the Babysitters Club but cannot remember anything about them! lol And I”m reading Animorphs (currently on #3) to Jonathan. He loves them but i have to move on after this one. There’s like 24 of those things! lol
    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I read the California Diaries, too! I think you’re right: It was right after the Babysitters’ Club because it was about Dawn’s life in California. I thought they were a little more grown-up, which was nice.

    P.S. — Thanks for all your Travel Tuesday suggestions! They were great. Hope to see your link-up next week. 🙂

  3. Omg I’d totally forgotten about The Babysitters Club! I used to love going to the library and picking them out for Book Track (I hope u have Book Track in Canada so I don’t just sound like a crazy woman right now!)

  4. Oh man!! This post brings me back. I read a ton as a kid and this post gave me some warm fuzzies 🙂

    I so remember California Diaries but never got into them much. I read BSC in grades five and six and then even read some of the “BSC Forever” series after that- did you ever read that series? I read Sweet Valley High Senior Year in jr high then GOT RID OF ALL THE BOOKS later. I am still so sad about that awful decision and have since scoped out many garage sales, salvation any stores, goodwills, value villages and eBay to find them again.

  5. My favorite book as a young child was the Mickey Mouse version of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. My parents said I loved it so much, I memorized it as they read it to me THAT many times!

    After I learned how to read, I love The BSB books, Sweet Valley High. Goosebumps, Fear Street, Judy Bloom, and Bridge to Terrebithia,

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