A little motivation to move


You might say that in the last couple months I’ve really slacked on eating well and exercising. I think there’s a million reasons excuses that I could give as to why this happens. I mean, in the winter time it’s easy to just get comfortable in a routine of NOT moving around because the weather is no fun and, let’s face it, I hate winter and being part of it.

Actually, as a side note, one of my goals this year was to find a way to appreciate winter. I really tried, you guys, but realized once the snow had melted how truly relieved I was to see it all go. I came to the conclusion that the only part of winter I’ll ever appreciate is the excess amount of teas and coffees I drink, Christmas, and reading with a warm blanket.

Summer is so much prettier anyway 🙂

Back to my point, though. I get into this routine of doing-nothingness and it’s the easiest thing ever to just stay there. The worst part? I was doing a KICK ass job of eating awesome back in January. I’d actually never felt better than when I’d cut 95% of the meat out of my diet and replaced it with other various proteins. I had really taken myself out of my comfort zone & accomplished a goal I’d never even though I could do. I was proud of myself and I had SO MUCH FUN with it.

Now that I look back, I was eating all that amazing food right before I left to spend a week in Florida. And the time before that, I spent a ridiculous amount of time exercising and eating well right before my trip to Greece. I have a pattern that I’m beginning to notice as I started subconsciously eating really well these last couple days & significantly cutting the CRAP out of my every day diet.

I like to eat well when I have a goal to work towards. AKA vacation. AKA I want to feel good when I’m on a beach. The thing is, I book vacations so regularly now, a healthy lifestyle should be so much easier for me to keep up because I know I’ll always have somewhere to look forward to being. But I don’t WANT to just keep up a healthy lifestyle for as long as I travel- I want this to be a long term kind of thing. So why is it SO HARD for me to stay motivated to always eat properly and exercise regularly? Shouldn’t WANTING to FEEL GREAT be enough motivation? Why do the caramel frappucinos always beat out my willpower?

Must eat well now so I can eat pasta every day in Italy! 

I work in a really big store where there is a built-in Starbucks. This has been my ultimate downfall, although I’ve been really good at regularly ordering the ‘skinny’ version of anything I want. They all know to cut all the sugar out of my drinks, and yet I still feel extremely guilty at how often I get a coffee. Like, every day. Sometimes more than once a day.

I want to make a permanent lifestyle change without slipping back to old habits. I’m not sure how to make this a permanent thing yet, but with 2 and a half months before I’m back on the beautiful beaches of Europe, I’m willing to give this good eating & exercising thing yet another shot.

I’m going to start by cutting out a BIG part of the bad stuff I eat and replacing it once again with fruits and veggies. I want to cut down on the meat I eat again. I’d been doing really well at consciously eating LESS of it, but with school & finals that all went away too. I’m going to make healthy choices when I eat out, and try with ALL MY WILLPOWER to pretend there isn’t a Starbucks 10 feet away from where I spent 7 hours of my day.

I really want to give Jillian Michaels another try but so far she’s been my biggest downfall because I can never finish her freaking work outs. She’s too hard on me, guys. I think I may try some easier work outs at first and then kick butt in Jillian Michaels and see what happens from there.

I can do this. 

I’m even going to make myself a nice little deal. If, by July 1st, I’ve held up my personal goal of eating well, avoiding foods that are clearly not good for me & making a conscious effort to exercise regularly, I will buy myself a lovely new bathing suit for Europe & some other treat that I haven’t decided yet. I really want another bathing suit though & the ones I like aren’t CHEAP. If I’m going to spend the money, I better feel damn good wearing it. So I mean, I have to make this work!

What do you do to stay motivated in your healthy eating & exercising lifestyle? 


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  1. Oh giiiiiirl. You KNOW I can relate to this. So, so, SO much. I have a post brewing in my head about it now, thanks to photos I saw of myself from my vacation. Barf.

    It’s hard and I don’t know how people seem to just naturally eat healthy all the time. Sure, they indulge but they can follow an 80/20 (eating good, healthy foods 80% of the time, indulging in treats 20%) healthy lifestyle with relative ease. I CAN’T. I’m having such an issue with it. I do good for a few weeks but then fall off the wagon after the “newness” has worn off and I miss my old life. Well, I don’t MISS it but the cravings hit me hard.

    I think having a plan is a big step. Knowing exactly how you’re going to do this and the steps you plan to take is necessary for you to be able to keep this up. Personally, I love Jillian Michaels workouts but she’s TOUGH. So tough. It could be a good measuring stick for you, though. Try one of her DVDs and I think throughout the weeks, you’ll see yourself improving and be able to do more and more. I have to take breaks with her workouts and I think even the most fit people do. Her workouts are pretty killer but they also offer the best results.

    Anyway, you know you have my full support in all this! I really need to get back on track as well, especially as it relates to exercise. I’ve been slacking lately. But we can do it! We just have to stop letting ourselves make excuses. 🙂

  2. After a semester of living off of coffee and niglecting healthy eating and working out completely, I can honestly say that I relate to this. I always find it easier to work out when I start a new routine. i.e. new job, new classes, new location. I guess a fresh start makes me forget all of the times I said I would work out and never did. Or did, but it sucked. I think that’s why I like the Jillian Michael’s DVD that I have (30 Day Shred). There is a start and and end (although I have never actually seen the end). I clearly need some work on this, and I’m so glad you blogged about it!

  3. My sport is running, so I stay motivated by signing up for races. Then I don’t have the option to skip out on work outs because I will pay for it on race day, otherwise. I also am part of a running club, so it helps to know I have people to meet. That keeps me from ignoring my alarm when it goes off at 5:45 on Sat morning… if I didn’t have people to meet, I don’t know if I could get up that early!

    But i am a work in progress. I still will make bad choices occasionally, but not as much as I used to. Also, it kind of helps that I have a gluten intolerance that removes a lot of unhealthy temptation. Like today when there was a red velvet cake in the breakroom, I didn’t have to use any will power because I couldn’t eat it in the first place because of my issues with gluten… So as much as a pain that intolerance can me, it also helps me eat healthier.

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