Hi there! If you’re wandering aimlessly through my archives wondering where on  earth to start, the posts below are a pretty good place. They’re a mix of all my styles  of writing through the 4 years I’ve been blogging and more or less show you who I am  through the last couple years.

Even though the posts are a bit older, I would always love to know what you think so  feel free to leave me comments or you can always e-mail me with questions.

Seven Links– A post with seven more that are worth reading. In my opinion, seven of  my best up until the day I published this one!

On… Waiting– for the right moment to accomplish something. But is there ever one?

When the going gets tough… -About a favorite song, and a self pep-talk

Happiness. Or why it is that I do what I do– I go to a lot of concerts. Like, a lot.

A little more honesty, please– A post about choosing to be a more honest blogger from here on out. Kind of scary!

Confessions of a Single Girl– An honest post about the single life!

Live Inspired & Embrace a Passion– Are you doing the right things in your life to be happy? Here’s what I’m doing.

Blog phases, comparisons & writing anxiety– I admit to having a fear of sharing my writing with the world. It really is kind of terrifying.

12 Changes– An overview of the project I’m undertaking in 2012!

Hello, 2012 🙂 – Just some more plans & goals for the year ahead

And finally, my ongoing letters to my first baby nephew:

Letter #1- The day you were born

Letter #2- Two months later


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