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An Adventurous Weekend


Today I am guest posting over on Stephany’s blog Stephany Writes about vacation must-reads. I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what books you would recommend to someone leaving on a trip? Steph is currently on a cruise. You should all be jealous.


So I ended up taking a relatively spontaneous long weekend off from blogging. Often by the time Friday rolls around, I’m already beginning to draft up posts for next week. But as of right now, I have NOTHING. I think every once in a while it’s nice to just take some time to LIVE and everything else will catch up eventually.

I had one of the best weekends that I’ve had in a long time. I had a spontaneous 4 days off from work, and although I already had a little road trip to Vermont planned with two work friends, I ended up packing my entire weekend with plans. Since today I’ll be heading back to work (in just a few hours, sigh!) I thought I’d share some photos from the last few days before truly getting back to reality.

Thursday– I don’t have any photos, but I had a really lovely day anyway! I spent the afternoon at a L’Oreal sale with one of my best friends where I spent FAR TOO MUCH MONEY on makeup and hair products, followed by a really nice dinner and an Italian restaurant with some friends. Another one of my good friends is leaving for Florida tomorrow so we all wanted to get together for a little goodbye dinner kind of thing.

Friday– I got ready and met my two work friends (well, ex-work friends. I mean we’re still friends, we just don’t work together anymore!) and we drove over the border to Burlington for the night. We bought tickets to see FEIST in concert months & months ago, and had planned to stay overnight to do some shopping the next morning before heading home.

Sitting & waiting for Feist to start! Not our best picture, but the only one we got together

The lovely & extremely talented Feist! She put on a great show. Can’t wait to see her again in August!

The service at our hotel was amazing, but the place itself was SO sketchy. These tips were nailed crookedly to the back of our door…

Walking the gorgeous streets of Burlington on Saturday morning. We walked through a Farmer’s Market before heading into the mall for some serious shopping!

Although Vermont is only a couple hours from home, it still feels like an entirely different world. I always love going to the States for little trips because I get to eat and shop at places that don’t exist just a couple hours North here in Montreal. Although I do go a little crazy turning my cell phone off most of the time, I actually enjoyed it SOSO much this weekend. I happily turned it on to Airplane Mode as soon as crossed the border, and just spent the entire day enjoying a lovely city without worrying about who was trying to get in contact with me. It was VERY nice. ‘

We had a quick lunch at Panera (my first time there!) before heading the 2 and a half hours back home. I was VERY excited about trying this place out because I’ve heard so many good things about it, and it did NOT disappoint! My food was the bomb.

On Saturday night, we had a big girls’ night with a bunch of the ladies from work. I wasn’t able to stay for very long because I had to be up early on Sunday, but I was there long enough to take some yummy jello shots, HOLD A SNAKE (my friend’s pet!) and spend some time in the hot tub.

A few of us girls around the kitchen table!

Me being terrified while trying to hold Timmy the snake! I actually can’t believe I was convinced into doing this, ha 🙂

Sunday– Mother’s Day was another non-stop day for me. I woke up bright and early for a brunch with my family, followed by a baptism & finally the most delicious meal EVER as an after party for the baptism. I was out basically from 10am until 7pm and by the time I got home I was completely exhausted.

I had SUCH a lovely day and spent tons of time with my nephew who I hadn’t seen in almost two weeks. It felt like way longer- every time I see him he changes and does fun new things. Plus I think he gets cuter every time too. Seriously.

Me and my super giggly nephew at brunch. I freaking love this little munchkin! ❤

My brother and I with my nephew at brunch 🙂

Happy Mother’s day! I’m extremely lucky to be able to call this woman my mom 🙂 ❤

Hanging out with daddy during the baptism. His eyes just melt my heart!

It was my sister-in-law’s first Mother’s Day! Baby loves his mama 🙂

Goodness, it takes a long time to write about 4 days of awesome. I love weekends like this, and I hope there are many more to write about this summer. So far, May has been such a good month to me.  I’ve been working so hard at making the best out of all the little moments I have- with family, friends, and just the time I spend on my own. This weekend was, if anything, the exact kind of thing that reminds me why I’m so lucky to be surrounded with the family and friends that I have in my life. 

Did you do anything special this weekend? 


Already Monday?!


It always seems like the best weekends go by the quickest, doesn’t it?! After last week’s ridiculously low key-ness I was really looking forward to keeping non-stop busy from Thursday straight through to Sunday night. Here’s what my last few days have looked like while I’ve been away from the blog!

Thursday: I woke up nice & early to go to the gym, but unfortunately a sprained wrist meant I’d have to skip out on my back-to-back fitness classes. Instead, my sister-in-law picked me up and I ran errands with her & my nephew! After some grocery shopping, we headed back to her place and spent the day eating/making more vegetarian dishes/playing lots of games with little Cris (obviously!)

 Sleeping while I snap some pictures. You know how it is. 

ANOTHER picture, auntie?! 

Dinner that looks like pasta, tasted KIND OF like pasta, but was actually raw zucchini! So. Yummy.

Friday: Not much exciting stuff happened on Friday, now that I think of it! I spent the day at work followed by a nice relaxing evening at home with my Kindle and my computer. I was working early on Saturday & didn’t really *feel* like going out. Apparently I’m becoming more and more of a homebody!

Saturday: After what felt like the longest shift ever at work (in reality it was only about 6 hours) I headed back home for my Valentine’s Day party with the girls! I’ve mentioned a ton of times that we go out of our way to celebrate all the holidays together, and V-Day is certainly no except when 5 out of the 6 of us are single. These girls keep me sane, and I love that I can talk about a million things with them that doesn’t include why I still haven’t found the right guy.

We spent the evening eating a bajillion kinds of food, playing some old school nintendo (I lost interest at first, but played some really serious rounds of Mario Tennis by myself at the end of the night! I lost every single time. Boo)

Of course there were lots and lots of pictures too. We always know there’s a part of the night dedicated to timer shots all together, and it’s quite funny to see us all just gather on the floor and change positions 10 times in the hopes of getting a few good ones. They’re USUALLY all pretty crazy looking, but that’s what makes it great memories! My friend Jenn brought up how it felt like NOT a year ago since we last celebrate V-Day all together, and as I thought back to last year at my house with the same girls, I was overcome with so much darn love for the five of them. We’ve all been through so much together in the last 3 years that we’ve been (single) friends, it’s crazy to look back on. I love these girls like family though! 


Did you notice we color coordinated for the holiday?! We’re cool like that. 

Sunday: My nephew slept over Saturday night, so I woke up around 4:30am to feed him and hang out. Unfortunately this wasn’t by choice, I woke up with a terrifying ear infection and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I spent some time on the couch playing with him while keeping a cold cloth on my ear, and finally took some Tylenol and fell asleep as the pain dulled away.

I woke up a few hours later (8am, actually. Dear Lord.) and spent lots more time playing with Cris and dressing him up for the day. One of my good friends and her boyfriend came over for 3 hours or so to meet my nephew, and I THINK they were quite smitten with him too! They held him and played games and made him laugh… And it really warmed my heart to see them with him 🙂

We were babysitting my nephew because it was my brother & sister-in-law’s TWO YEAR wedding anniversary! They spent the day at the spa together, and came to pick up their baby around 4PM. My sis-in-law’s parents ended up coming over like 3 minutes after they showed up, and they brought Anniversary Cake so of course we all sat down and had a lovely spontaneous family afternoon gathering! It was all around very lovely, I loved reminiscing about being in Mexico two years ago watching my brother get married to the woman he loves. SO much has changed in two years, especially the newest addition to our family- I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring to our family!

Chocolate Wedding Anniversary cake… The best kind! 

The bride and I getting ready before the ceremony in 2010!

And that is my awesome weekend of fun! Although I needed last weekend to just be by myself and do my own thing, I realized that I love these ones even more. I had such a great time seeing all my friends and my family, and I’m just very happy as I write this post!

How was your weekend?! Any special moments in yours?

First weekend of 2012


Weekends in my life are often filled with more work or homework than anything else, so when I manage to mix it up a little, I’m so so happy. This was one of those weekends, and it looked something like this:

Thursday: After work I met up with my friend Melanie for a lovely evening of shopping, dinner, and relaxing at my place. She got me into the show Big Love WAY BACK when it first started, and we had promised each other we’d watch the SERIES finale together at the beginning of the summer. We never made the time for it, but she came over after shopping, I made us some hot chocolate and we finally finished watching the show together.

Me shopping for wine glasses (I was thinking of getting that big bowl as a wine glass, what do you think?!), some shared Thai food for dinner, and Mel hopelessly trying to park her parents’ van close to the curb at my house. Ha! 

Friday: I had the entire day off (yay!) and slept until almost 11am which felt AMAZING. At around one in the afternoon my brother came over to pick me up & we ended up spending almost the entire day together. This has only happened a few times in the last couple years, and I completely forgot to take lots of pictures! Besides pictures of my nephew because seriously he’s the cutest.

Healthy lunch courtesy of my sister-in-law! 

Playing on his Baby Einstein piano! 

Saturday: Although I worked all morning, I got to finish an hour early (hurray!) so that I could come home and finish wrapping presents for my belated Christmas party.

I celebrate every single holiday with my girls, and although we didn’t have time actually DURING Christmas-time, we made a point to get together this weekend. We spent the night taking pictures of ourselves in our ugly Christmas sweaters, eating a TON of food, playing some games, and of course opening PRESENTS 🙂

The six of us in front of the Christmas tree! I’m 2nd from the right, sporting a lovely train/Christmas tree button up sweater! 

Sunday: Basically spent the whole day relaxing, catching up on TV, organizing some things in my room and all around being superbly lazy. It was fantastic! 🙂 After dinner I headed over to my neighbors’ house and watched her 6 year old son, D, for a couple hours. He entertained me with about 5 different games in 2 hours, and then we read some books before I put him to sleep! Ended my night with some much needed reading time and, of course, one last mug of tea (gingerbread spice! So good!)

I drank tea nonstop all day, my friends got me 10 different kinds on Saturday night! Yummmyyy. 🙂

Making snow cones with the Snoopy Sno Cone machine! 

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

On… Friendships



There are some moments in my life that have been made infinitely better and more special because of my friends. Many of my closest friendships began a decade ago (if not more), so we’ve all been through a considerable amount together.

Friends come and go, I know that. I gain friends every once in a while that I know will be around for a long time, and sometimes I lose friends because of silly arguments, or even bigger ones. This is all part of life, often the loss of friendships taking quite a toll on my emotional state. 

Some days though, I’m reminded of why I consider my best friends part of my family. Some days I’m reminded that there’s a reason that certain people are in my life- despite big fights and moments spent apart, we always come back together to support each other and live through life’s biggest moments together.

This week I’ve had a lot of friendships go under a magnifying glass. Every once in a while this happens, and it sucks, really. Maybe it’s just a girl thing, but we invest so much of our time and emotion into the people we let in our hearts, it’s no wonder that when something happens to make us question those people we let in, we become bitter, resentful and just overall upset. I find myself getting this way from time to time and I remind myself that it’s all out of love. Those who matter always come around.

That being said though, today was one of those days that tested some of my best friendships, and through a mixture of smiles and tears, I came out on the other side happy to have these people by my side. I hate that it was a tragedy that brought us back together, if even for a few hours, but it did show me that no matter what words were exchanged in the last months, the love we all share for one another- the history we all have together- prevails. No matter what, we can put our differences aside and just be there for each other.

I sat in between two girls who mean the world to me in a place that makes me literally cringe, and through heavy words and with heavy hearts we were there for one another to lean on. We shared looks that said a thousand words, we provided comfort to those who needed it, and we all hugged… A lot.

I miss the days when friendships were easy. Some days I feel like I’m losing more friends than I’m gaining, and for absolutely no reason at all. But then I remember the day that my best friend gave me a hug and I burst into tears in her arms, or the day that I got a card with just the right words, or even today, the day that I sat with two of my closest friends to support our fourth through a really hard time, and I know that through gains and losses, the friends I have today are here to stay.

Long Weekend Recap!


Before getting started, a few little things to share! 

*All the pictures in this post are credited to Jenia and her awesomely awesome camera.
**I don’t usually post more than once per day, but I’m a little bit behind on my ‘Post A Day’ challenge so I figured why not? It’s my blog and I’ll do it if I want, ha!
***Have you seen my once-again updated navigation bar up above? I’m working on making it more accessible, and most of the pages have drop down menus that you can visit as well. My ‘About’ and ‘About Me’ sections are completely updated as well if you want to go see, and I’m working on having a page of posts worth reading to get to know me better.
**** If you don’t read all the way through this post, that’s cool it’s kind of long, but at least check out the band I mentioned, Wakey Wakey. It’ll be worth your time!


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on what’s been going on in my life, so I thought I made take up some time to write about it. I love looking back in my archives at what I was doing every month of the year and I feel like I’m doing that less and less… So basically I want to get back to it.

Although technically this wasn’t much of a weekend for me considering I’ll have worked 3 out of the 4 days, it was still a long weekend in Canada for Thanksgiving.

On Thursday I proclaimed the weekend would start early and decided not to go to school. Instead I took a personal day. Well, it should have been a homework day but since I’m having a crappy semester, it just wasn’t. I spent some time reading, updating myself on blogs, watching TV and overall not doing a whole lot.

In the evening I got myself ready and headed over to my friend Lisa’s house for the very first hockey game of the season- Habs VS Toronto Maple Leafs! We had a delicious dinner (everyone cooked something but me… Oops. Thanks guys! I got it next time!) and we basically continued to eat throughout the night while we watched our poor team get beat out by the Leafs.

Part of our feast!

The cake that had me in a hysterical fit of laughter for like 15 minutes! Soooo yummy.

Trying to eat cake while laughing is hard work!

After the game was over, we skyped with our far away friend Jenn, who’s currently living in British Columbia until Christmas! Miss this girl.

On Friday it was back to work until 4, and afterwards I headed downtown with Jenia, her boyfriend Jason & our friend Caitlin to catch a concert! You may remember in May when I traveled to Burlington to see this band called Wakey Wakey? I discovered them on One Tree Hill two or three seasons ago and have loved their music ever since. Finally, this past May, they played a show close enough to home that I got to go see them play & meet the main singer, Grubbs.

FINALLY, after lots of promises and waiting, they booked their first ever show in Montreal and it was this Friday. It was honestly such an amazing night. It was just him and his backup singer (and long-time best friend) Tanya on stage, so it was like an acoustic intimate show… Except in this tiny sold out venue. There was like 200-300 people there and I think we completely took him by surprise. We couldn’t stop cheering and people sang along to every single song. He has a song called ‘Twenty Two’ where the chorus there’s some humming and the ENTIRE crowd joined in for it- it wasn’t part of his acoustic set at all. Grubbs told the crowd after that no one had ever done that before. Montrealers know how it’s done! He also played way past his set-time because he didn’t want to get off stage, and like at the last show he entertained the crowd with his various hilarious stories.

I think this guy is one of my favorite musicians not just because of his incredible talent, but because he’s SO genuine. There are some bands who get on stage and say the same thing at every single show on their tour, but you just know that Mike Grubbs isn’t like that. He constantly busts out into random stories and he stayed after the show to meet every single person who wanted to say hello. I got to witness one guy go up to him and tell Grubbs how inspiring his music is for this guy and it was just the nicest moment ever. I’ve always wanted to have a heart to heart with a favorite artist like that.

He was constantly laughing and in shock at how much Montreal was cheering!

Jenia & I with Grubbs! Already can’t wait for the next show.

Today was a relaxing day spent at home. Sundays are my one true day off in the week where I’m not supposed to be ANYWHERE. I somehow still managed to wake up at 7:30am, but I took advantage and did some reading before getting myself out of bed. After spending the day at home, attempting productivity but mostly failing, I accidentally ended up somewhat babysitting my neighbor’s 6 year old boy.

Can I just say that 6 year old boys have way too much energy? This kid LOVES to talk. He terrified my cat and dog because they’re both old and don’t like to play, so he proceeded to plop himself in my room and tell me all sorts of random stories, effectively ruining any kind of idea I had about studying. I laughed to myself a few times because in 6 years from now I’ll totally be doing this exact same thing with my little nephew. Hehe.

In a couple hours I’ll be heading to my brother’s house for a little family Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve still got loads of homework to do because I am the master procrastinator, but at this point I’m just excited to spend some time with everyone and eat some yummy food! I’m also hoping to get a few good pictures with my sister-in-law while she’s still pregnant.

So that’s my long post for a long weekend that isn’t quite over! Tomorrow is a day off for mostly everyone except me, I’ll be working all afternoon and evening, and maybe trying once again to have a productive morning. We’ll see how that goes.

Have a lovely Sunday evening! 

One month later [in top 5’s]


Today officially marks my one month return home from Greece, otherwise known as the trip that changed my perspective on travelling. I thought I’d wrap up all my Greece posts with this last one that I’ve been thinking about for a little while, and share with you the things I don’t miss at all about Greece, the things I’m so happy to have back at home and of course the things I miss most about Greece.

Top 5 things I don’t miss at all about Greece [the sarcastic stuff]

1. The line-ups. Or rather, the non line-ups. That shit doesn’t exist in Greece and it drives a girl crazy, let me tell you.

2. The un-organized bus system. Every time I (line up) and wait for a bus now in Montreal, I praise the Lord that we have a functional bus system that understands the meaning of rush hour.

3. The money-spending. I mean, I do love to shop but Greece was for real getting me to spend more on souvenirs and food than I’ve ever spent in my life. Sweet baby Jesus, I once paid 18 CANADIAN DOLLARS (That’s 12 Euros) for one freaking cocktail. Also? 8 Euros on bread and dip! Good Lord!

4. The travelling. Okay this is a bit of a stretch because I also kind of loved the travelling, but I did SO MUCH MORE OF IT than I ever thought possible. Like, hi, 10 hours to get from Athens to Kefallonia? Thank heavens we stayed there for 9 days and made it worth it! The upside is that I saw a LOT of Greece… Even though hours of it was through a bus window or off a boat’s deck. The boat thing sounds like a really great time, but it really wasn’t that time kids were being sick all around me and you couldn’t go to the bathroom without being surrounded by girls on all sides feeling the sea-sickness too. Ugh.

5. The jet lag. I only got used to the time difference in our last week or so in Greece. And even then? Really freaking weird. I called my brother at 3:30AM Greece time on his birthday only to find remember it was like 7pm the day before in Montreal and he was still at work. Oops. I like being in the same time zone as my people, let’s just leave it at that. Although the whole ‘knowing people in yesterday’ thing was pretty cool. So was the whole ‘re-living the same afternoon twice’ thing when I got home. But I’m over it.

Top 5 Things I’m so happy to have back home [The truth]

1. The internet at my fingertips. Being somewhat unplugged was hard, but the toughest part was living without my 3G network. I missed being able to tweet what I was up to WHILE I was there.

2. My bed. I loved sharing a room (and sometimes a bed) with my friends, but I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well as the day I got home. It was like a cloud had landed in my bedroom and transported me to a far away land.

3. My family & friends. I didn’t exactly feel HOME SICK while I was gone, but I was really sad to miss out on a month of my sister-in-law’s pregnancy, I missed a wedding, my brother’s birthday and just cuddling with my puppy and kitty whenever I wanted.

4. Canadian money. I hated calculating 1 and a half for every single thing I bought. I was so conscious of the ridiculous amounts of money I was *throwing away*… Not to mention Euros look really funny. Although strangely enough when I got home, Canadian money looked really funny… But basically I just missed spending the money I earned at face value.

5. Melissa time. Again, I loved spending so much time with my friends & I never got sick of them, but I require Melissa time at least every once in a while. Sometimes I needed to just be in my own space for an hour or so, or I needed to go to bed at the time I wanted to, with lights off… But that was unlikely to happen in a one room situation.

Top 5 things I miss most about Greece [the mushy stuff]

1. The food. Oh God do I miss the food. I don’t think I’ve eaten a single meal since I’ve been home that has matched up to the ones I had while I was there. So much deliciousness. The yogurt, honey, lemon chicken, stuffed vegetables, gyros, fries spiced with oregano… I could go on and on.

Lemon chicken & baked potato dinner courtesy of Naoussa in Santorini… One of the best meals I had in all of Greece! 

2. The sunsets. I’d seen some beautiful sunsets before going to Greece. Some evenings, in the summer, the sky in Montreal turns into beautiful colors of pink and orange, showing the world that another beautiful day awaits tomorrow. Then I went to Greece and saw colors in the sky that are literally miraculous. The sun would set on this country in a fiery ball of deep orange, lighting the sky in reds, yellows, oranges and pinks. The moment the sun disappeared over the horizon, the entire sky would turn into some kind of rainbow, pink covering all the land in the distance, turning into deep purple and then eventually blue. Every single day in Greece was ended like this. Every single day. You didn’t have to wonder if the next day would be beautiful weather or not, either.

Santorini sunset

3.  The beaches. I mean, this one is pretty obvious, but I just loved visiting a new beach almost every single day. You can’t go to Greece without visiting them, and there’s a reason for it. They are some of the most beautiful, with the most turquoise water I have ever seen in my entire life. The sky is always clear and reflects into the water, showing the soft, sandy & sometimes rocky bottom of the ocean. I also loved spending long, lazy days laying in the sun with a drink, a book and loud music. There’s no tan like a European tan, let me tell you!

Selina, me, Agnes & Kate in front of Myrtos Beach, Kefallonia.

4. The landscapes & architecture. I was by no means ‘culture shocked’ when I arrived in Greece, but it was certainly an entirely different culture. In Montreal I’m used to seeing huge buildings, skyscrapers, the suburbs… The usual city scenery. But Greece? It’s a whole different ball game. Around each turn there’s a breath taking view, surrounding by the traditional Greek architecture. Everything was picture perfect- especially on the islands. The homes were little and adorable, the roads often built out of stones or driven on by scooters because it was just easier. This country really and truly had it’s own distinct style and I miss it terribly.

Oia, Santorini. It really is all white & blue and picturesque. 

5. My friends. I miss the last four things very much & maybe I will until the next time I travel again, but none of it would have been even half as amazing without those three girls by my side. They made the trip worth taking, it was our high school dream brought to reality at only twenty two years old. People dream of Greece their whole LIVES without going, and we were lucky enough to be able to make it out there together in our twenties. I never got sick of seeing their faces and we NEVER ( I mean seriously, never) ran out of things to talk about. I missed them the minute we said goodbye at the airport exactly one month ago today, and my days have been that much more lonely without them in it each and every single day.

Love these girls. ❤

I swear, that is my LAST post on Greece. I will stop talking about it now in huge detail. It’s been one month since I’m home- time to get back into the game & plan where-to next!

Tell me, what is YOUR dream vacation? Have you lived it yet? 



I can’t believe I’m already writing my post about being home from Greece. GREECE. My very first trip to Europe & my longest away from Montreal.

It was amazing.

There was actually so much amazingness to it, I’m not sure where to begin. But there are going to be a lot of posts and I’m going to hash out lots of details for people who are thinking of visiting Greece and want some tips. I’m very excited. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re ready for a week of photos, tips, stories, and more photos.

Today though, I’m going to focus on being home. I’m jet lagged, I’m still living half out of my suitcase, and I have lots of other little things that I need to catch up on.

Before I end this short post, I have a few things I want to announce.

First, go to Greece ASAP (haha, did ya see that coming?) I will share one photo for now, just because I’m home and I want to and you’ve all been very patient:

Standing at the top of Nea Kameni, the active volcanic island of Santorini. Behind us to the left: a view of Oia! 

Second, thank you to ALL my guest bloggers. While in Greece, I checked up on you all here as much as I could, and I loved seeing you share your posts with your readers. So thank you for writing something for me, I can’t wait to plan more posts with you all in the future (hopefully) and, most of all to readers, I sincerely hope you had fun meeting new bloggers and checking them all out.

Third, while I was away I had a guest post featured on the lovely Dana‘s blog about life at the age of 21. Check her out, and check out my story about my 21st birthday!

Fourth, if you read this far well then lucky you, because I’ve been thinking about this a little bit and I’ve decided that I’d love to host my very first BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! Obviously, it has to do with Greece and my guest bloggers and souvenirs.

It’s really not much, but it’s all hand chosen things from my favorite places that I visited. So if you feel like potentially winning a little care package from the Greek islands, well good.

What I’m giving away:

(from left to right)

– one bracelet from Santorini made of real turqoise, lava stone, and the Greek key

– one evil eye bracelet from Mykonos

– one handwritten and stamped postcard from Greece

– one magnet from the most beautiful beach in Kefallonia (a personal favorite too!)

– one key chain with the evil eye and other cute little things on it

– one bookmark with some of my favorite scenery on it

– One surprise of some sort that is not pictured but that I’ll be adding in 🙂

And there you go! That’s what I’ll be happily sending you. Here’s how to enter:

1) You must be a follower of my blog. Let me know how you follow me in a comment for an automatic entry

You must also do at least ONE of the following. Each thing you do gives you an additional entry: 

2) Follow me on Twitter & tweet me about my giveaway, then leave me a comment telling me you did so. You can tweet me this if it’s easier for you (but if you @reply me something witty I’ll give ya an extra entry!)

I’m participating in a giveaway on @melissaa24’s blog ‘Press Play’ to win a care package from Greece!

3) Go visit one of my guest bloggers’ blogs (not your own of course) and link me in a comment to a post you really like of theirs for an additional entry

and finally…

4) If you leave them a comment on a post & link me to it, you get a final entry

… and if no one enters, well I’ll just have lots more souvenirs to hand out or to keep for myself hehe.

The giveaway closes at 11:59pm Eastern Time on Sunday, September 4th 2011. I will announce the winner on Monday in my blog post of the day. You have to be willing to give me your home address so I can ship you the package of course!

And that’s all I’ve got for you for today. Tomorrow I’ll start writing full posts about my trip and sharing pictures, so prepare yourself. What have you been up to? How’s your life? I’m catching up on my Google Reader slowly, but let me know how you’ve been anyway. I missed blogging!