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Late night thoughts


I didn’t get the chance to write anything today because I’ve literally been non-stop busy since 7:30AM this morning when I woke up. So since this post is a bit late (or rather, a lot late. I mean really it’s 10:30PM now!) I thought I might just a few more random thoughts out there and save my good post for tomorrow morning.

1) I’ve taken over CONFRONT magazine this week with an article and an interview and I’d love if you wanted to go check them out and leave me your thoughts! Also if I can introduce you to some new music, that’s even better.

You can read my full article with PARAMORE, which was so much fun to write. I’m a huge fan of the band and it was such a pleasure getting to chat with one of the founding members.

I also sat down with Adam Young from OWL CITY last month which was one of the greatest experiences ever. I’ve been a huge fan for a while and I haven’t been that star struck sitting down for an interview in a long time. I think the best part was just how genuinely nice he was, I think he is the sweetest musician I have ever had the pleasure of talking to.

2) If you haven’t read all the Harry Potter books or seen all the films, you can skip over this point! 

I went to see the final movie after work today and I’m just in awe. Especially the big seven- Luna, Neville, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco. Their characters were so heartbreakingly beautiful, maybe Neville most of all. I have to admit there were a few parts with Voldemort that made me laugh (for real, WHY doesn’t he have a nose? Is this just an unsolved HP mystery, or did I miss that one?) but when he starts laughing, it made me start laughing because his face was so strange looking.

Aside from that though, I cried like a baby. I loved when McGonagall placed the huge protection spell on the castle and all the stone soldiers protected Hogwarts. Also,  the Snape/Lily story was just heart melting, and towards the end when Harry gets the stone and sees his four most beloved people I just could not hold myself together any longer, not whatsoever.

I need to see that movie at least one more time, but I do regret seeing it in 3D. I think that was a little bit overrated. I LOVED the Hermione/Ron kiss but the fact that in real life it was so awkward for them makes me feel bad! I think they acted it out really amazingly and looked so darn cute together, but I don’t think you can beat the book version of it.

This post may or may not have been a reason to share more beautiful pictures of the Harry Potter cast. I am really just not getting sick of looking at their faces. I can’t believe the series is over, but I truly cannot wait to see what else these actors do, they are so talented. And beautiful.

3) That first picture I posted is Rupert chasing Emma on set for the last movie. I thought it was beautiful.

4) Any Big Bang Theory fans out there? The actors who play Raj and Howard (Kunal and Simon) are in Montreal this weekend and I had NO idea until yesterday. They have a comedy show tomorrow night that’s sold out and I am beyond devastated. I’m secretly (not so secretly anymore) rather in love with Raj. Luckily I’ll be seeing Eric Stonestreet with my mom so that’s going to be lots of fun!

5) I haven’t slept properly in at least a week and I can’t remember the last time I sat down with a book. I need to do both of these, preferably for many days in a row. Vacation soon, please? As a side note, I need to stop spending money on travel supplies. MUST. STOP.

Okay, one more Harry Potter picture to end this post? Fine. 🙂

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week!











Serious Question [not really.]


Why is it that most of the main characters from the Harry Potter movies all somehow grew up looking so great?! I mean seriously, what are the odds that an entire cast of 10 year olds ends up this way? I don’t even mean that to sound vain or anything like that because I know that they’re also a super talented bunch and I respect them a lot for the hard work they’ve put in these 8 movies… But just look at some of these pictures:

The HP boys

Emma Watson

Is he adorable or what?!

Yes, that is in fact Neville Longbottom (Matt Lewis)



Worthy comparison, I think.

Yeah, that’s still Neville. I mean, Matt. Whoa.

The big seven.

They are actually so darn cute all three together!

Okay I think that’s enough pictures for today. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been trying to just understand the amount of craziness, awesomeness and just overall everything that these actors have gone through in the last 10 years. I can’t even imagine growing up as myself and as a literary character that has had an impact on so many lives around the world.

I’m going to see the movie in one week from today (the last one) because that’s the only time I’m free to go, but until then I’m going to go continue to obsess over photos, past movies, the books and all the Tumblr accounts I’ve come across on the internet dedicated to Harry Potter.

Hope you’re having a lovely and productive day! 

Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter


I first started reading Harry Potter when I was 11 years old. My teacher at the time used to take 15 minutes to half an hour each afternoon before the end of the day to read a chapter or two from a book until it was done. One day, she brought in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I wouldn’t know it for a few years still, but the 2 weeks it took for my teacher to read us that first Harry Potter novel would change my life- and surely the lives of several of my classmates. We had officially been introduced to the phenomenon that was the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I was no longer a person, I was a muggle. Or was I simply a witch, but had yet to receive my Hogwarts letter? I had never in my life felt so certain that an alternate reality could potentially exist. If it was so secret, maybe that’s why I had never heard of it?

I totally forgot how tiny they were when the movies first came out!

And so began 10 years of waiting, reading, waiting, and reading. Each year I eagerly anticipated Harry’s next year and next adventure. I had never so desperately needed to own books before, needed to be a part of this growing community of readers. Maybe that’s when I even really fell in love with reading; when I started to become the reader that I am today.

I know that I’m only one person among millions (and millions and millions) who has had a different life because of Harry, Ron, Hermione and all their witch & wizard friends. I was never the fan who dressed up for events and who went to all the midnight showings of the movies, but you can bet I had some of the very first printed editions when each new book in the series came out. I devoured them like there was no tomorrow, allowing them to become part of who I am today.

I’ve also enjoyed going to see all of the movies, and maybe now that I’m old enough I can start collecting them. The first one was a really magical moment for me, but the last few I let slip away, maybe taking it for granted that they were still being made, that Emma, Rupert and Dan were still acting out the characters that I loved so much on paper. Today, people have seen the final movie. One day soon I will too, ending the biggest part of my life that any series of books has ever taken up. I think I’ve taken it a lot better than many other fans across the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that I genuinely feel like I’m growing up a little. Sure, I’ll be re-reading the entire series within the next few months (and many times after this) but there won’t be any more anticipation and excitement for what’s next.

Still, I’m so happy and so proud. Part of me grew up with Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. I’m so ridiculously proud of three people I’ve never met, who have brought to life three characters that meant the world to me growing up. I spent my days locked up with the pages of Harry Potter, devouring every single new word. Even though the movies were slightly different, I know that those actors poured their heart and soul into the last ten years- much like I loved these 7 books as I read them. I don’t think there is any other series that will ever begin to match up to this one, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo Credits

Photo Credits

In the words of J.K Rowling herself: “No story lives unless someone wants to listen. So thank you, all of you. The stories we love best do live in us forever. Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you back home.”

More (fun/happy/inspirational) things worth sharing


I’ve recently discovered the amazingness that is StumbleUpon. I knew that it existed since forever, but I just recently started stumbling myself, and I swear it’s the most addictive thing ever.

Not to mention how much fun it is to discover all these amazing pictures, websites, songs, quotes, recipes, etc.

Here are a few things that I’ve been looking from the site so far:


The concept is awesome. If you’ve got writer’s block, go to this website and click ‘go’. They give you one word, and you have sixty seconds to just write, without thinking.

2. Pictures of a lot of books

I believe this is the Stockholm library, and I want to go visit it. It looks like the most endless amount of books ever and I just love it.

3. This place called Salar De’Uyuni in Bolivia. During the rainy season, the water turns into the world’s largest mirror and gives you the impression that you’re walking into this infinite space. It’s apparently also called the border between Heaven & Earth (which is very poetic, but it’s the images that really got me)

I want to go here ASAP and have a picture taken of me like this.

4. This picture/recipe for Warm Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Bars. Cue mouth-drooling… and here you go.

5. The movie trailer for 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen (I swear its like StumbleUpon KNOWS me.)… Watch it here! Basically Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the loves of my life and all his movies always look amazing. And I love that StumbleUpon showed me this.

Do you use StumbleUpon?

Movie Review- POTC: On Stranger Tides


A couple days ago I went to see YET another movie in theaters, Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. I promise I won’t spoil anything if you’re still going to see it, but there were a few scenes I adored and will be sharing. You’ve been warned.

Here are a few things I loved about the movie:

– Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp. He’s honestly the reason this movie was so awesome. He’s the reason they’re all successful, to be honest. He plays Captain Jack SO well. I mean, can you think of a single other pirate who’s actually charming?

– The new Orlando Bloom/Keira Knightley. Meet Sam Clafin & french actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey:

Not only is Sam like… super good looking & shirtless for a good part of the movie, but THERE ARE MERMAIDS IN THIS MOVIE. MERMAIDS. I’m pretty sure the scene where you meet Astrid AKA Serena the mermaid, is like one of my favorite movie scenes ever. There is LEGITIMATELY a mermaid fight scene. That sounds really cheesy but it’s like the coolest thing ever. I’d go see the movie again just for those 15 minutes.

– Captain Hector Barbosa. If you watch the movies, you know who this guy is. And he’s back in this movie, in a big way. He’s like the coolest looking pirate ever (besides Jack Sparrow). Also? His wooden leg uncaps and he stores booze in it. How pirate-y of him!

Things I didn’t like too much in the movie:

– The ending left me really confused. Is there going to be ANOTHER one? Are they ever going to end the POTC franchise? I’m really not sure. I could have sworn I read that Johnny Depp was no longer going to do any more, but the closing scene is totally an open ended thing.

– I’m not Penelope Cruz’ biggest fan and she’s a major character in this movie too. I still don’t understand if she’s a good guy or a bad guy. She is pretty hilarious though, but I miss Keira Knightley and the old POTC crew.

Overall though, I still totally love these movies & I think you should go see it. It’s not only bad ass and has tons of cool effects (AND MERMAIDS) but it’s pretty hilarious. Also? Johnny Depp. That’s all you need to know.


Vanity Fair. Hi. Okay I’m done I swear.

Busy Bee


This weekend was absolutely crazy and hectic and all that kind of stuff, but in the best way possible!

Friday: After work, I headed over to my friend Mel’s house and we played some very competitive Wii boxing & a bit of Wii baseball too. I was already super sore from my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred work-out, so I nearly just died right there… But it was a ton of fun! It’s scary how much fun that game is. Afterwards we headed over to Madison’s restaurant and met up with two more girls from work for a yummy dinner and some drinks!

We all ordered some yummy margaritas (heavy on the tequila, light on the fruity other stuff that goes in there!) and we all got nice and giggly before heading over to the movie theater to see Bridesmaids! We met up with one last friend from work, Caitlin, and the five of us literally laughed for 2 straight hours. If you haven’t seen it already, you definitely need to go check it out. It’s the most amazing girls’ night movie, minus that one really traumatizing food poisoning scene. I can’t get those awful images out of my head!

On Saturday I was stuck working all day, despite the fact that it was the MOST beautiful day we’ve had here in Montreal in about 2 weeks. It’s been raining straight through every single day, but Saturday was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day. Boo. I really wasn’t feeling too good and I started to stress out about school (I have a midterm tomorrow, ugh.) but I got through my shift and took a nap as soon as I got home before going out for a late dinner.

It’s another one of my work friends’ birthday next week, so we surprised him with a dinner and 20+ people. I missed the ‘surprised’ face because me & my friend who was driving got lost (um, for an HOUR) but we heard that he was completely shell shocked! He was super happy and the food was delicious and I just have the funnest time with my work people.

Kasey & I acting silly at the dinner table!

Two of my favorite cashiers from the other end of the table! I went to say hi and we had fun taking some pictures.

Everyone ended up going out clubbing after the dinner, but I didn’t want to get too crazy with all the studying and work I needed to catch up on. So I just had a couple glasses of wine, got super happy and giggly, and took a bunch of pictures before coming back home around midnight.

Finally, on Sunday I woke up feeling relaxed and not stressed anymore at all (apparently wine relaxes you? I felt great after!) I woke up ready to tackle my day. I got some chores done and some work done for CONFRONT. Then I started reviewing my May goals to see how I was doing, but I got a bit disappointed because I seem to have forgotten about quite a few of them. Darn. I’ve got a week to work on that though, so I made a nice list of things to do and I can’t wait to get on that!

Later on in the afternoon, 3 of my best girls came over to my house for a girls’ night and more Greece-vacation planning. I bought all the necessary food for a yummy dinner and dessert, and it was the greatest time.

My yummy dessert! Toasted waffle, raspberries/blueberries/blackberries/strawberries, chocolate sauce and LOTS of whipped cream! YUM.

We got super carried away with the dessert and started just pouring whipped cream straight in our mouths, and making fun little fruit people (Kate made a Strawberry and Selina called him Charles before shoving him in her mouth!Ha!) We did our usual sitting around the kitchen table just talktalktalking, taking some hilarious pictures with all the food, and basically just eating lots and lots. Oh and we did our usual browsing the internet and youtube to show each other our favorite new videos.

My favorite? The marshmallow experiment. SO FUNNY. Look at the kids’ faces!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?! Eat anything delicious?

My obsession with Hunger Games


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all that is books. I’m constantly reading something new, or re-reading a favorite book. Since working at my part-time job, this addiction of mine has only intensified x a million. I constantly keep up to date with news on books, publishing companies, what’s coming out & when.

One of the first teen books I read when I started my job nearly 3 years ago was Hunger Games. A friend of mine recommended it and I was like ‘um, no I’m not sure about this’ but I read it and FLEW THROUGH IT. When the second one came out, I was the first person with an Advanced Reader’s copy, and when the third came out last summer I went to the launch party and had my face painted and all that fun stuff.

This is also one of the few series of books that I could read over and over and over again. I actually already have and I’m already thinking about reading them again. Especially with the movie being put together. I’m genuinely excited for it, even though Hollywood is famous for ruining books-turned-to-movies. But I don’t care, I’m still going to be all hyped up and follow the latest news about it. Which brings me to the awesome unveiling of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss:


After (KATNISS!)

I totally approve of her transformation. I’m excited to see her in the movie- in her interviews so far she’s been really happy about getting the role and she’s also a HG fan which probably helps.

Have you read the trilogy? What do you think of the casting?