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An Adventurous Weekend


Today I am guest posting over on Stephany’s blog Stephany Writes about vacation must-reads. I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what books you would recommend to someone leaving on a trip? Steph is currently on a cruise. You should all be jealous.


So I ended up taking a relatively spontaneous long weekend off from blogging. Often by the time Friday rolls around, I’m already beginning to draft up posts for next week. But as of right now, I have NOTHING. I think every once in a while it’s nice to just take some time to LIVE and everything else will catch up eventually.

I had one of the best weekends that I’ve had in a long time. I had a spontaneous 4 days off from work, and although I already had a little road trip to Vermont planned with two work friends, I ended up packing my entire weekend with plans. Since today I’ll be heading back to work (in just a few hours, sigh!) I thought I’d share some photos from the last few days before truly getting back to reality.

Thursday– I don’t have any photos, but I had a really lovely day anyway! I spent the afternoon at a L’Oreal sale with one of my best friends where I spent FAR TOO MUCH MONEY on makeup and hair products, followed by a really nice dinner and an Italian restaurant with some friends. Another one of my good friends is leaving for Florida tomorrow so we all wanted to get together for a little goodbye dinner kind of thing.

Friday– I got ready and met my two work friends (well, ex-work friends. I mean we’re still friends, we just don’t work together anymore!) and we drove over the border to Burlington for the night. We bought tickets to see FEIST in concert months & months ago, and had planned to stay overnight to do some shopping the next morning before heading home.

Sitting & waiting for Feist to start! Not our best picture, but the only one we got together

The lovely & extremely talented Feist! She put on a great show. Can’t wait to see her again in August!

The service at our hotel was amazing, but the place itself was SO sketchy. These tips were nailed crookedly to the back of our door…

Walking the gorgeous streets of Burlington on Saturday morning. We walked through a Farmer’s Market before heading into the mall for some serious shopping!

Although Vermont is only a couple hours from home, it still feels like an entirely different world. I always love going to the States for little trips because I get to eat and shop at places that don’t exist just a couple hours North here in Montreal. Although I do go a little crazy turning my cell phone off most of the time, I actually enjoyed it SOSO much this weekend. I happily turned it on to Airplane Mode as soon as crossed the border, and just spent the entire day enjoying a lovely city without worrying about who was trying to get in contact with me. It was VERY nice. ‘

We had a quick lunch at Panera (my first time there!) before heading the 2 and a half hours back home. I was VERY excited about trying this place out because I’ve heard so many good things about it, and it did NOT disappoint! My food was the bomb.

On Saturday night, we had a big girls’ night with a bunch of the ladies from work. I wasn’t able to stay for very long because I had to be up early on Sunday, but I was there long enough to take some yummy jello shots, HOLD A SNAKE (my friend’s pet!) and spend some time in the hot tub.

A few of us girls around the kitchen table!

Me being terrified while trying to hold Timmy the snake! I actually can’t believe I was convinced into doing this, ha 🙂

Sunday– Mother’s Day was another non-stop day for me. I woke up bright and early for a brunch with my family, followed by a baptism & finally the most delicious meal EVER as an after party for the baptism. I was out basically from 10am until 7pm and by the time I got home I was completely exhausted.

I had SUCH a lovely day and spent tons of time with my nephew who I hadn’t seen in almost two weeks. It felt like way longer- every time I see him he changes and does fun new things. Plus I think he gets cuter every time too. Seriously.

Me and my super giggly nephew at brunch. I freaking love this little munchkin! ❤

My brother and I with my nephew at brunch 🙂

Happy Mother’s day! I’m extremely lucky to be able to call this woman my mom 🙂 ❤

Hanging out with daddy during the baptism. His eyes just melt my heart!

It was my sister-in-law’s first Mother’s Day! Baby loves his mama 🙂

Goodness, it takes a long time to write about 4 days of awesome. I love weekends like this, and I hope there are many more to write about this summer. So far, May has been such a good month to me.  I’ve been working so hard at making the best out of all the little moments I have- with family, friends, and just the time I spend on my own. This weekend was, if anything, the exact kind of thing that reminds me why I’m so lucky to be surrounded with the family and friends that I have in my life. 

Did you do anything special this weekend? 


Are you listening? Sing it back.


If you know the song that the title of this post comes from, we might as well be best friends. 

Last night’s show was perfect. I’ve only had the chance to see Jimmy Eat World (twice) now, and I can honestly say that both of those nights are going down in the history of best concerts I’ve been to. I feel like I’m always saying that, but I mean really, this band is just so awesome it hurts.

I spent the day in Burlington with 3 of my friends (no but seriously, wasn’t I just there like last week? Oh no wait THAT WAS A MONTH AGO ALREADY.) We spent a couple hours at the mall shopping for deals, taking pictures, and eating lots of food at Applebees. We also noticed how all the menus in the States show you the calorie count for the food you’re eating, and I can’t decide whether I like that yet or not. We do not do that in Canada and I almost prefer being able to look at a menu guilty free.

Just hanging out with Justin Bieber and unfortunately Charlie Sheen cardboard cutouts… We’re so cool.

After taking lots of silly pictures, we headed to the venue for the show. We waited in line for an hour, which usually feels like, oh, an eternity? But somehow cameras always makes time fly by.

This is one of our nicer attempts at pictures. There are a lot more of us being really silly, and I’m surprised people didn’t just stare, no one else was being quite as weird as us. It doesn’t take much to entertain us!

Finally at 7PM we were let inside the venue and well, the show was just amazing. The opening band was a group called Civil Twilight which I actually really liked, and I’m about to go give their album a real listen. They had a 45 minute set and I never lost interest. The singer, Steve, has a really unique voice which is one of the most important qualities in good music.

Just after 9PM, Jimmy Eat World finally hit the stage and just wow. They played this amazing set list:

The first 2 songs are cut off but they were Bleed American & My Best Theory. ALMOST 2 HOURS of amazingness.

The venue people told us we weren’t allowed to film, but I just wouldn’t have any of that. Since I’ve seen them once before I restrained myself from filming the whole show, and instead secretly took a few videos of the songs off their latest album, Invented. They basically played my favorites off the record, along with all my faves from their past stuff. The only ones missing in my opinion were Kill, Praise Chorus, World You Love, Chase This Light & Anais (which they will never play anyway)… And although this feels like a lot of missing songs, considering the fact that they have an 80 song discography, it’s not bad at all. I’m not disappointed in the LEAST because I love all of their songs anyway.

Favorites? Hands down 23. That song is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time, let alone just last night. I’m sad I didn’t film it, but I just wanted to enjoy it in that moment & I just know that one day in the future (hopefully not another 3 years away) I’ll get to see it again.

Jimmyyyyy! What a man, and a truly talented musician.

The crowd & the band. It doesn’t do the place even close to justice though- it was completely packed!

One last picture of him, because I love it and well just because.

The show ended with another one of my absolute favorite songs EVER: Sweetness. The first time I saw it live I almost just died right there- there’s something about live music that does that to me, ha!- and this time was no different. The crowd went NUTS and my video is just all over the place and really, it was perfect. Afterwards, some of the opening band was just hanging out so we spontaneously decided to go say hi to the lead singer, Steve. The band is actually from South Africa and he just had the most fantastic speaking voice. His accent was so darn cute! He was also very nice and I told him that they really need to come out to Montreal (as I always tell bands when I’m not in Montreal, because it’s nice to have good shows here too!). He was really sweet and told us that they would love to come, so who knows?! That would be tons of fun though. We also got a picture together and I love that we’re basically posing identically:

Don’t we look all nice and symmetrical? Go check out his band though okay? I want you all to support my new friend. 🙂 Their music is very mellow and relaxing and all that fun stuff.

So that’s it for me! We ended our night with 2 dollar McFlurries and McDonald’s (so unhleathy, but so cheap. It’s like 4x more expensive in Canada, holy moly!) and then I got myself to bed at 2AM… and then back up at 7AM for work. It’s going to be a busy weekend for me and I’m excited! It’s nice to be out and about with friends and what not.

Have a fantastic weekend! 

***You can check out Jimmy Eat World too, if you have no idea who they are. Which is a problem. Here 🙂




The thing that I love about summer is how my calendar fills up with my favorite things (concerts) and just random outings that make the days more memorable. Here’s what the next few months have in store for me so far:

May 29th: Possible interview with Augustana/Augustana concert
June 2nd: Jimmy Eat World concert
June 11th: Possible interview with Rihanna/Rihanna concert/Grandprix Weekend in Montrea/Lisa’s birthday celebrations
June 20th: Summer school ENDS.
July 2nd: JACK’S MANNEQUIN in Quebec City
July 3rd: Possible interview with Jack’s Mannequin<3/JACK’S MANNEQUIN & Weezer in Montreal
July 10th: My birthday!!
July 16th: Vans Warped Tour (Media Pass!)
July 29th: Eric Stonestreet at the Just For Laughs Gala/Festival with my mom! (We both LOVE Modern Family!)
July 31st: Osheaga Day 3: City & Colour (potentially)
August 4th: Possible interview with All Time Low/All Time Low concert
August 5th: NKOTBSB concert
August 7th: LEAVE FOR GREECE!!!
August 29th: Come home from Greece 😦

 What are your big plans this summer?! 

The days are short & the nights are long


It’s no secret that One Tree Hill has been one of my favorite shows since it first started 8 years ago. It’s gone a bit weird in a few seasons, but I’ve never been able to stop watching. I practically grew up with the show- It started when I was only 13 years old.

One of the really awesome things about OTH is the music. Ever since the beginning it’s featured the most amazing songs and artists- many of them becoming some of my favorites over the years. In December 2009 I wrote a short blog post  about the musician the show was featuring at the time; Wakey Wakey.

2 days ago I took a road trip to Burlington Vermont with two of my favorite people to finally see him live. Not only are these two girls my concert buddies, but we’ve all been obsessed with One Tree Hill since forever. We just HAD to be at this show (even if it meant missing a really good one back home on the same day.)

Oh, and also? Road trip into the States means I can finally cross off #44 on my 101 Goals list! Yay!

Anyways, I don’t even know where to start with this show. I missed nights like these and road trips like these too. We have the absolute best time sitting in a car for hours, blaring music, singing along horribly to said music, and making friends at every show we go to.

Classic road shot!

We left Montreal at around 2:30 on Tuesday and headed straight down to Burlington in the pouring rain. We ended up getting there around 4-4:30 and decided to kill some time at University Mall. We shopped around a bit and took ridiculous pictures, because what else is there to do at 4:30PM in Burlington on a Tuesday?

I didn’t really fit… But I was entertained nonetheless!

We met Justin Bieber! Well.. Cardboard JB anyway.

Afterwards we went to Applebees for a quick dinner (we were a giggling mess, let me tell you) and finally around 6:30 we drove down the street to the venue. There wasn’t a line-up at all so we just waited in the car until 7PM when the doors were about to open and then we ran inside the venue. Obviously we took about 800 pictures while we waited.

Carey Price smile #8763… We like to make fun of the way our hockey goalie smiles. Every SINGLE time we’re together.

FINALLY at 7:30 the show started. The first band literally blew out my ear drums. I think they had potential to be pretty good but their sound was totally off. It was so loud that we were all feeling sick by the time their set was over nearly 40 MINUTES later. Needless to say we were crazy excited for Wakey Wakey to come on next.

The show was honestly just amazing. Mike Grubbs, the main artist (who was featured on One Tree Hill) sounded exactly the same live as he does on his CD. He’s also the most down to earth guy ever. He spent the entire show making jokes, talking to the audience, laughing at himself, and just being the coolest person ever basically.

One of the highlights of the show for me was when he performed the song ‘Got It All Wrong’. On the album, it’s a bit of an electro kind of song (look it up! So good!) but he made it into an acoustic guitar & violin only song for the show. I can’t stop listening to it. Check out my (somewhat alright) iPhone video of it:

After their (hour long?) set we really REALLY wanted to meet him, but we were getting worried about the weather. It was raining like crazy and all the rivers were like overflowing on the way there so we wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. We went straight to his Merch booth to say hi along with a bunch of my other friends who came down to see him as well. When we told him we were all from Montreal he got SO excited and told us his band wanted to play here really badly but it’s complicated with licenses and other things I don’t quite understand.

The three of us told him we were driving back home and were hoping to get pictures with him and he told everyone to get out of the way (in a hilarious not rude way obviously) so that we could go first.

Me & Mike Grubbs! Yay!

When we left, the three of us were just over the moon with happiness. It’s so much fun to drive out and have a show be so incredibly worth it. I miss that feeling after a really good concert; the mix of adrenaline, total ecstatic-ness & slight concert depression. We spent the whole drive home talking about our night and agreeing that we need to see them play again VERY soon.

Have you checked them out yet? I’m going to keep bugging you until you do.

Okay, I’m done rambling about the awesomeness of concerts. For now. What are your best concert experiences?!

**Also, did you see my new blog look? I made things prettier! I have a new blog name! I have bigger sidebar pictures! It’s a work in progress, but what do you think? I feel like my new title is more me, more music-oriented, all that fun stuff!**

The road awaits


Today I’m taking a long overdue roadtrip with two of my favorite people. We’re heading down to Burlington to see this amazing band called Wakey! Wakey! that was featured on One Tree Hill last year.

Here’s one of my favorites from the album- but honestly, the entire record is truly amazing. I can’t believe I finally have the chance to see them perform! It’s always tougher to catch these smaller bands near home, especially when they aren’t Canadian. I REALLY can’t wait.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 7


Day 07- A song that reminds you of a certain event

I’m 100% stealing this song from Jenia’s Music Challenge (a couple of my friends are doing it with me, yay!)

Anyways, this song brings me back to the whole month of May 2009. It was the month that The New Cities, The Februarys & Ten Second Epic went on tour together for 2 months and me, Jenn & Jenia did what we do best: we roadtripped a whole lot. It was the first time we did that together and it was really amazing. I’ve blogged about it several times so I’ll skip out all that emotional stuff (because I do get very sad when I think about it and how I can’t relive those days)… The one show that we went to that reminds me of this song though is May 26th, in Kingston.

We took a train for 5 hours to go to this random church where the show was happening. Super weird setting and we were SO NERVOUS. It was the furthest we had ever traveled for a concert. Jenia & I had already interviewed Ten Second Epic & The Febs, and we knew The New Cities (the band we were actually traveling to see at that point) so it was so much fun when they all recognized us and realized how far we’d come.

Jenn was getting ready to leave us for that entire summer- that would be one of our last days together and we wanted to make it amazing. Jenia and I wanted to do something special for her, so we bought her a Goodbye card, signed it, and then had a bunch of the guys from The New Cities sign it for her too. They knew her well enough that they were able to write her really sweet messages and they were totally in on the secret with us and made sure that she didn’t come anywhere near us while they signed… And she actually had no idea.

Afterwards Jenia and I ran into the church (leaving Jenn by herself in the pews, I mean really THE PEWS.) and we went downstairs into the bathrooms to read the card, but the show was already starting. Ten Second Epic had just hit the stage and they were opening with this song. Jenia & I stood in the bathroom giggling like maniacs and awww-ing and singing really loud and actually laughing that we’d abandoned Jenn (it was for the GREATER GOOD at the time, Jenn. It’s because we love you.) and we were just so happy that we pulled it off for her.

Anyway, the song will forever remind me of that exact moment. I was just so overwhelmed with where I was, the girls that were with me and the amazing time we were having. The night ended super well and we went back to our hotel room and cheers-ed to such a successful road trip!

Fingers Crossed


My last post was pretty vague in terms of what I’ve been up to these last few days. Basically, I spent the week partying like it was Friday & Saturday and avoided the things I should have been doing such as school.

But I had a great time, no matter what kind of drama happened. I hate getting no sleep but sometimes you just have to live a little.

First of all, I’d like to introduce you to a great band called Elias.

Their MySpace music page is here and you should listen to the songs ‘All We Want’ and ‘I Hear Drums’ which are two of my favorites. They’re really cool guys from Vancouver and really all around hilarious people to hang out with. It’s always fun to seem them when they’re in town.

On Tuesday they were opening for Finger 11 in Montreal along with a band from Toronto called The Envy, followed by Ottawa the next day. I got the chance to interview 3 guys from the Envy before the Montreal show and they were incredibly nice. Their songs are also super catchy (kind of like pop/rock) and they’re signed to Simmons Records (That’s Gene Simmons’ label- yep, he owns one of those now!) and although they’re performances are a little bit (okay a lot) over the top their songs are far too catchy for their own good. Listen to their stuff over here!

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much just a whirlwind of no sleep whatsoever, partying until 7am, watching the shows & just having a good time with people I don’t get to see very much:

The four of us got a hotel room in our hometown (because we’re cool like that) and we were neighbors with the guys so that just led to a lot of not sleeping. This is us in the hotel elevator on our way to the show!

We went out for drinks after the concert & played some table hockey. I’m awful but Jenn was a good sport about it and we had tons of fun (teaching me how to actually play)

After staying up all night with the guys, we took a quick power nap (7am-10am? Yep. We’re crazy!) and then we were off to Ottawa for part two. Although we were exhausted and just wanted to sleep, we ended up not sleeping at all.

Jenn’s car was a little dirty on our way to Ottawa… But it always gets us to where we want to go!

Our favorite Ottawa girl joined us for the show. It’s always a riot when she’s around!

Basically the nights consisted of trying not to fall asleep while amusing the hell out of ourselves by telling jokes and throwing cupcakes around the hotel room!

Although I did have a lot of fun, I’m not the kind of person that can function on 6 hours of sleep in 3 days. It was really hard on my system and when I got home from work yesterday I literally crashed. I’m slowly getting back into my sleeping habits but I’ve realized that it’s a lot harder to party without responsibilities when you’ve actually got some. Last year it was tons of fun to go to a million shows, just because I didn’t have school. But now that I do it’s time to remember my priorities instead of avoiding them to just have fun. I think this is the last crazy concert spree we’ll be going on for a while. There’s no way I can cut concerts out of my life entirely, but I’m definitely slowing down for the next couple months!

That being said, I still had tons of fun & as always the guys put on a great show on both nights. It’s always worth it to go see a good live show!

Now that it’s Friday night, I’m going to take it easy and catch up on homework and just life at a slower pace. My week is a little bit backwards at the moment, it seems! So much work to catch up on!

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?