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Sunday Inspiration + Links v.5


I haven’t done this for the last couple weeks because of school & finals, but I miss browsing the internet for fun links so I took a break from studying to find some fun things worth sharing!

-First, a friend of mine shared this picture with me, and as a huge Hunger Games fan I love it a LOT:

Seriously, how awesome?!

– I love this website. It’s basically like a thesaurus…But cooler. Which is always my best friend when I write because I tend to be really repetitive.

Lessons I Wished I Had Learned Earlier. This is such a great list, everyone can learn something new!

– I currently want to buy everything on this website. Especially this shirt. You may remember Sheldon wearing it on this week’s Big Bang? Um yeah, want. Why must all the good ones be out of stock!?

– This moving panorama of Paris is AWESOME. As if I don’t want to travel back to Europe enough, this just makes me want to go back right this second.

100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows. Yep, awesomeness. Here are some of my faves:

The Alps

New York. I love views of NY, seriously.



Okay I’ll stop there, otherwise I may just post all 100. Such a cool collection though!

– Here are some really great ab workouts to substitute (awful) crunches. Easy exercises to do when you wake up, or just before bed! I could get used to doing these.

– Finally, in honor of my going to HP world in February and also because it’s been way too long since I shared HP pictures…

What’s inspiring you lately? Happy Sunday! 


One week later


Today officially marks my one week  home point. Time is flying by, I can’t even BELIEVE it! I thought I might take a break from writing about Greece and posting photos to update on my life & just have a regular old blog post.

But first, I believe I have a giveaway winner to pick? Well let’s do it.

And the winner is…

Congrats Chelsea! E-mail me your address and I’ll get you my Greece care package in no time 🙂 mliss024@gmail.com

Thanks to all you lovely ladies for entering, it was fun hosting my first little giveaway and I’m super happy to be able to share some of my trip with someone! On that note, if you still want a postcard, I’ve got about a dozen left that I brought home with me and I’d be glad to send you some snail mail if you like. Leave me a comment if you want a postcard, or just e-mail me with your address and I’ll send everything at the same time. I sent a bunch out while I was in Greece and I had so much fun writing them!

What I’ve been up to since I got home:

– It’s taking me forever to get over jet lag. It’s weird, because going TO Greece I was okay after one day (or at least that’s what I told myself because I wanted to enjoy my trip) but now that I’m home I’m always sleepy before 10pm. My 2nd night home I was ready for bed at FOUR IN THE AFTERNOON. Jet lag is no joke. But I’m just about back to normal I think.

– Just in time for school. I start TOMORROW! I haven’t really prepared all that much, but I did buy a few new school supplies (nothing like a new bag and some cute notebooks to motivate me to get back into things). I’m taking one online class, two English courses that I’m super excited about, and my last pre-requisite math course, linear. Because you know, I passed my other two and I’m almost ready to get into Business!

– I got back to work on Friday for my first shift and I had fun for the first hour or two, then it got back to the same old. I love selling books don’t get me wrong, but the novelty of having a month off wore off quickly. Luckily I love my coworkers and I had a great welcome back. Saturday was my second shift back which was a bit more hectic, but I got to work with my new boss (she started basically the week I left) and she is REALLY nice. So far I approve, which is a relief. I was worried for a bit when I was gone.

– Yesterday was my sister-in-law’s baby shower and it was so much fun! It lasted almost 8 HOURS. Is that a normal thing? I was at the hall from 1pm until 8:30pm. My mom organized a bunch of games that were hilarious though, the food was yummy, and the company  was obviously lots of fun too. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Only part of the gifts, the floor was FILLED too!

The DIY baby blocks idea that I stole asked permission to use from the lovely Ashley!

The concept

Half of the result… Everyone got super creative as the afternoon wore on and we used up all 60 blocks! I’m so happy that it was a success, and my brother & sis-in-law LOVED it, they couldn’t wait to sit down and read all the messages/look at all the pictures. Yay!

The game was to put on a pair of stockings with oven mitts on your hands, First to finish wins. He clearly won, but not without ripping them a little… No one was too impressed as you can see by all the angry pointing, HA!

Homemade chocolate & vanilla cakes! No one knew why the paw was melting, it just was. It was still very yummy.

– I bought my very first pair of TOMS this week and I am in looooooooove. I’ve worn them with every single outfit and they always work just right. Plus, they’re so comfy. If you were thinking about buying a pair, take the plunge! I got black because I can work in them too which is a huge bonus for me. They didn’t even need to be broken into, they fit your foot the minute you slip them on.

– I ate my first Greek salad since coming back home and it was AWFUL. Like I actually almost didn’t finish it. I never realized what a huge difference it would make when I came home, but it just wasn’t the same and that makes me very sad. I’m going to have to go hunting for some real Greek feta cheese and pick some fresh veggies because I am SERIOUSLY craving a good Greek salad. I lived on those. Also a new obsession? Plain Greek yogurt with honey drizzled on top. Best breakfast ever.

– I missed coffee like you can’t even imagine.

– I’m going to be scrapbooking my trip as soon as I print my pictures (this week) to cross off one of my 23 Before 23 goals! Speaking of which, I managed to cross off three goals while I was in Greece! 2 on my 101 and one on my 23 Before 23. Yay!

– I got my Pottermore welcome letter! I was sorted into Hufflepuff and I got a wand and it was a very neat experience. It’s not QUITE what I was expecting but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Oh right and speaking of Harry Potter? I seriously missed this addiction of mine while I was gone. I had a great time on Tumblr the other day catching up on new HP photos.

My wand! I have no idea if this is a *good* wand or not, but it looks cool to me!

I adore this photo of Emma and Tom. ❤

Um yeah. 🙂

I STILL can’t believe this is Ginny. This girl is gorgeous!

Not too shabby Dan!

Okay I’m going to end this super random post right around here. If you’ve made it this far, I’m really impressed because it was very rambly of me.

How was your weekend? Anything fun to share? 

Happy Monday! (I actually just typo-ed that as Harry Monday. HA.)

Serious Question [not really.]


Why is it that most of the main characters from the Harry Potter movies all somehow grew up looking so great?! I mean seriously, what are the odds that an entire cast of 10 year olds ends up this way? I don’t even mean that to sound vain or anything like that because I know that they’re also a super talented bunch and I respect them a lot for the hard work they’ve put in these 8 movies… But just look at some of these pictures:

The HP boys

Emma Watson

Is he adorable or what?!

Yes, that is in fact Neville Longbottom (Matt Lewis)



Worthy comparison, I think.

Yeah, that’s still Neville. I mean, Matt. Whoa.

The big seven.

They are actually so darn cute all three together!

Okay I think that’s enough pictures for today. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been trying to just understand the amount of craziness, awesomeness and just overall everything that these actors have gone through in the last 10 years. I can’t even imagine growing up as myself and as a literary character that has had an impact on so many lives around the world.

I’m going to see the movie in one week from today (the last one) because that’s the only time I’m free to go, but until then I’m going to go continue to obsess over photos, past movies, the books and all the Tumblr accounts I’ve come across on the internet dedicated to Harry Potter.

Hope you’re having a lovely and productive day!