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The famous ‘Search Terms’ post


One of my favorite things to look at when I open WordPress are the search terms that led people to my blog. Mostly they’re pretty accurate, but every once in a while they just make me LAUGH. Recently Erin did a post with some recent search terms on her blog & it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to do something like that too!

So today I’m going to choose 10 search terms and answer them… Because it just looks like a lot of fun.

1) 31 day picture challenge

This is one of my most famous searches on my blog. I did this challenge a while back and it was a TON of fun. I highly recommend you do it as well if you need inspiration. Here are the 31 post prompts and you can look through my 31 posts if you want too! I thought I’d re-share all of that since it seems to be so darn popular around here.

2) Rupert Grint 2011

Oh you want some Rupert Grint? I think I can help you with that. Here are some of my current favorites of him, all courtesy of the Harry Potter people I follow on Tumblr. I may have shown some of these in the past, but no harm in showing them again… 🙂

3) Someone who inspires you

This is a really common search term on my blog as well. It’s actually one of the prompts for the 31 Day Picture Challenge, and this was my answer when I did it. I still stand by that 100%- Pink is a freaking awesome girl.

But since I’ve already answered it once, I thought I might answer it again because it’s so popular and stuff. Someone who’s currently (and always, really) inspiring me:

Gwen Stefani! Currently the cover of In Style magazine- check it out. Her pictures in it are BEAUTIFUL.

4) Little mermaid feet [also Pocahontas feet shows up a lot]

Okay, this one is just strange. Why are so many people wondering about these girls’ feet? Strangely enough, I know exactly why people are being led to my blog to see the Little Mermaids’ feet, but Pocahontas? I just have no idea what’s so great about her feet.

If you’re curious, the reason this is in my search terms is because this one time, I was watching Little Mermaid with two of my best friends & we felt the need to re-enact the scene where Ariel sees her feet for the first time:

Now we’ve all got feet! So exciting!

But seriously, can someone explain to me why people search this up all the time?!

5) Matthew Lewis shirtless

OKAY first of all, I wish I had a picture of Matthew Lewis shirtless. Stop looking here, girls. I know he’s good looking but he just doesn’t take his shirt off for the camera. Although if I’m missing something please LET ME KNOW. In the mean time, enjoy these. [Swoon.]

6) Dear whoever is reading this

I’d love to know who searches this up and what they expect to find. I’m tempted to Google this myself just to see what on earth they want. Surprisingly, this is really popular.

7) Hogwarts letter

Dear whoever is reading this [see how I did that?]; in case you were wondering, Hogwarts isn’t real. The letter doesn’t exist. Although coincidentally I did just buy the ‘Harry Potter Film Wizardry’ book and they give you a Hogwarts letter in the book. Also a Marauder’s map. Are you jealous yet? This is probably the post that gets everyone here with that search term.

8 ) What I want to be when I grow up

Ah yes, the famous ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ posts are plenty around here. Mostly because I haven’t the slightest clue. When I wrote those posts, there was part I and part II– so if you searched that up and you’re stuck reading this, hopefully those two links will help you out. I think it’s time to re-read those and write a part III!

9) Biggest insecurity

This was another 31 Day Picture Challenge prompt. I still love what I wrote on that day, it still stands true to the way I feel. I think I could push myself a little more now though and say that my biggest insecurity is not only to end up with nothing, but to actually ACHIEVE nothing. The idea of never truly accomplishing one of my goals terrifies me, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately because of school.

10) I wish I was better at math

I feel your pain, searchers, trust me. But believe me when I say that you can DEVELOP your math skills. I’m still working on it, but I’ve come further than I even knew I could in math. It’s taken me a few tries, but the B- I got in Calculus this summer proved to me that I can do this when I set my heart to it. You can too!

As a whole,  I’d like to say that clearly my blog is rather popular when it comes to Harry Potter. I don’t mind one bit, but ladies… Show a little Tom Felton love! I mean, Matt and Rupert are my faves too… But look at this cutie:

Okay this post is clearly turning into another Harry Potter post which was clearly not the point, but I guess it proves why so many people come here because of it. Why don’t more people come here because of books? PEOPLE COME HERE FOR THINGS OTHER THAN HARRY POTTER IN THE FUTURE, I swear I talk about a lot of other things!

What are the craziest/funniest/most awesome search terms that have ever been directed to YOUR blog?!