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Sigh No More. [A Mumford Review]


For MONTHS now, I’ve been obsessed with a little band called Mumford & Sons. Their current album has been on repeat on my iTunes for almost a year now, and during my exam finals last semester I spent hours looking up their tour dates, day dreaming of seeing them live.

Last night? I FINALLY did. There are many things I’d like to say about my night, but first of all it’s important to point out that I LEFT MY CAMERA AT HOME and went along on my merry way. Seriously, me. no camera. So ridiculous. So I’d like to thank my friend Agnes who I’ve stolen many photos from and YouTube for all the videos I’ve stolen as well. You’re all a whole lot smarter than I am.

Moving on.

The show opened up with two bands that I had never heard of before and left as a newly converted fan. Apache Relay and Nathaniel Rateliff both put on really great sets and deserved a mention because hello, they opened for Mumford. They’re clearly really amazing. During the last two songs of Nathaniel Rateliff’s set, Marcus Mumford (MARCUS. MUMFORD!) joined the band on stage to sing along, and during the very last song the entire Mumford band joined them on stage. It was a camera-worthy moment.

Mumford & Sons came onstage around 9:15 singing ‘Lover’s Eye’- the first two minutes the entire stadium stayed pitch black. As the song picked up, all the lights went on and the crowd went CRAZY. Their set lasted about an hour and a half; they played almost their entire debut album ‘Sigh No More’ (minus the song SIGH NO MORE. That was a small disappointment)… Luckily the entire record is a favorite song of mine so I was still jumping up and down every time they started a new track & I really don’t think I’ve ever screamed and sang that loud at a show. If I have, it’s been a long LONG time.

Some of my favorite moments? Hard to CHOOSE. I’d have to say that the following songs were incredibly memorable though: Roll Away Your Stone, LITTLE LION MAN and Awake My Soul were by far the most amazing. The Encore was also truly beautiful- After The Storm & The Cave- two of the best songs on the record in my opinion.

Mumford also played a ton of new songs. If you were wondering whether they’d live up to this first album? Don’t even WONDER. I think it’s going to be even better than the first… And that’s honestly saying something. Every new song that they played I was mesmerized, in awe, in a complete trance.

Marcus Mumford’s voice is NOT done justice on the album (which is also saying a lot as it is just wonderful). It is so incredibly unique and just wow. Live? It’s 10 times more powerful and more moving. I have not a single idea how he sings so beautifully. His voice is one of the mysteries of the world and such an honest, raw talent.

Basically, I plan on seeing them live again many, many times.

I’d also like to say that my city is just LOVELY. We all danced our heads off, sang as loud as our voices would allow, shouted until our voices went hoarse, and welcomed that band into our hockey arena with true Montreal chants. The boys even came back during the Encore and put on some HABS hockey jerseys to show their love of our city.

I’m writing this as I listen (and watch) videos on YouTube from last night, and I’m still in just as much shock that it actually happened. I go to a pretty big amount of concerts and I almost always leave the venue on an adrenaline high… But this is just different. I was so entirely blown away by everything. The simple yet gorgeous set, the lights, the VOICE, the instruments… It was a wonderful night overall and I’m so happy that I got to be there for it.

Marcus Mumford, you are welcome back here ANYTIME. I know I’m not alone when I say that you and your band can play Montreal again as soon as you’d like. We miss you already. Also, I love how much you all spoke French. 🙂

The set, with the beautiful lights hanging over the band (they were all through the stadium as well)… and the camera filming up above was all in beautiful black & white.

Marcus Mumford. ❤

The general admission crowd… Well half of it. Sold out show!

Habs jerseys during the Encore to MUCH cheering from the crowd!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?!


Here and There


These last couple weeks have been crazy. I hardly have time to read blogs let alone write my own! Ever since my nephew was born 6 days ago (WHAT? ALREADY? He’s so old!… Just kidding. But seriously, this week flew by) I literally haven’t had time to sit with any of my school work or basically do anything besides want to see his little face.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week I was at the hospital. Wednesday I studied for my midterm on Thursday (which I did awful on) and Thursday after school I studied for my midterm on Saturday. Friday I worked and studied afterwards, and then on Saturday I did AWFUL I mean really badly on that midterm too. I don’t know what’s up with my exams- or with me- but I’m not getting the right amount of time in for anything these days.

This weekend was a mixture of good and bad. It wasn’t relaxing whatsoever. I mean it’s Monday morning and this is the first day I’ve actually slept in… WEEKS. I was so tired I can’t even begin to explain.

Saturday: I woke up at 6:45am and made my way to school for 9am. Studied my butt off until 10, had a crap exam, and came right back home. After a couple hours my grandfather came in from out of town and we drove over to my brother’s house for a really lovely evening with the family. We had a little dinner and spent some time taking pictures and basically all just staring at the cuteness of my baby nephew Cris.

Sleeping in his grandpa’s arms!

He still can’t see really well (see how dark his eyes are?) but I swear he was looking right at me!

We stayed at my brother’s house until 9:15pm or so and headed back home. I was completely exhausted after my early morning and my (crap) exam, so I just wanted to go home and to sleep before another early day on Sunday. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sleep in my bed because my grandparents were staying for the night, so it was a restless evening of waking up at every little noise.

Sunday: My alarm went off at 6:45 but I didn’t get out of bed until almost 7:20. I rushed to get ready, and made my way downtown with some girls from work for our 9am work meeting. I stayed entertained because really, the people I work with are quite hilarious. Also, sitting next to one of my best friends OUT of work (& obviously at work) and making comments the whole time helped a whole lot.

When it was done at 11:45am we came back home. I got in around 1 in the afternoon, and meant to spend the afternoon studying with friends. I didn’t even open my books before they got here at 3, and even then I just couldn’t settle myself down to get things done. For shame. On the bright side, I spent 2 and a half hours with two of my best friends Agnes & James, both who I haven’t seen in a really, really long time. I missed them and our crazy conversations!

At 6pm I did something I haven’t done in YEARS. I babysat. My new neighbor has a cute 6 year old son, and while she went out to a concert I babysat him. I was his FIRST EVER babysitter which is so crazy to me! His bedtime was 7:30 so we only had time for a bit of homework and a little visit across the street at my house before it was time to put pj’s on and read some bedtime stories. He owns a LOT of books- a lot of my favorites from work too. We settled in and read some Robert Munsch… And my personal fave of all time:

The story of an unlikely friendship between a boy and a penguin!

I SHOULD have studied once he went to bed but I could practically not keep my eyes open. By 9pm I was almost fast asleep on the couch straight until 11pm when his mama got back home. Then? Right back to bed straight until 10am today! I clearly really, really needed some sleep.

This week is for…

Lots of homework and lots of work in between. I really need to settle myself in and just do it. That might mean I’ll be MIA from blogs for a few days, which I’m already not looking forward to.

On the bright side Thursday night is MUMFORD AND SONS in Montreal and I simply can’t wait! That’ll be the perfect way to start my weekend- one that is guaranteed to be more relaxing than this last one. Hopefully I’ll make some time for baby Cris in there too, because I miss his little face already!

How was your weekend?!