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One month later [in top 5’s]


Today officially marks my one month return home from Greece, otherwise known as the trip that changed my perspective on travelling. I thought I’d wrap up all my Greece posts with this last one that I’ve been thinking about for a little while, and share with you the things I don’t miss at all about Greece, the things I’m so happy to have back at home and of course the things I miss most about Greece.

Top 5 things I don’t miss at all about Greece [the sarcastic stuff]

1. The line-ups. Or rather, the non line-ups. That shit doesn’t exist in Greece and it drives a girl crazy, let me tell you.

2. The un-organized bus system. Every time I (line up) and wait for a bus now in Montreal, I praise the Lord that we have a functional bus system that understands the meaning of rush hour.

3. The money-spending. I mean, I do love to shop but Greece was for real getting me to spend more on souvenirs and food than I’ve ever spent in my life. Sweet baby Jesus, I once paid 18 CANADIAN DOLLARS (That’s 12 Euros) for one freaking cocktail. Also? 8 Euros on bread and dip! Good Lord!

4. The travelling. Okay this is a bit of a stretch because I also kind of loved the travelling, but I did SO MUCH MORE OF IT than I ever thought possible. Like, hi, 10 hours to get from Athens to Kefallonia? Thank heavens we stayed there for 9 days and made it worth it! The upside is that I saw a LOT of Greece… Even though hours of it was through a bus window or off a boat’s deck. The boat thing sounds like a really great time, but it really wasn’t that time kids were being sick all around me and you couldn’t go to the bathroom without being surrounded by girls on all sides feeling the sea-sickness too. Ugh.

5. The jet lag. I only got used to the time difference in our last week or so in Greece. And even then? Really freaking weird. I called my brother at 3:30AM Greece time on his birthday only to find remember it was like 7pm the day before in Montreal and he was still at work. Oops. I like being in the same time zone as my people, let’s just leave it at that. Although the whole ‘knowing people in yesterday’ thing was pretty cool. So was the whole ‘re-living the same afternoon twice’ thing when I got home. But I’m over it.

Top 5 Things I’m so happy to have back home [The truth]

1. The internet at my fingertips. Being somewhat unplugged was hard, but the toughest part was living without my 3G network. I missed being able to tweet what I was up to WHILE I was there.

2. My bed. I loved sharing a room (and sometimes a bed) with my friends, but I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well as the day I got home. It was like a cloud had landed in my bedroom and transported me to a far away land.

3. My family & friends. I didn’t exactly feel HOME SICK while I was gone, but I was really sad to miss out on a month of my sister-in-law’s pregnancy, I missed a wedding, my brother’s birthday and just cuddling with my puppy and kitty whenever I wanted.

4. Canadian money. I hated calculating 1 and a half for every single thing I bought. I was so conscious of the ridiculous amounts of money I was *throwing away*… Not to mention Euros look really funny. Although strangely enough when I got home, Canadian money looked really funny… But basically I just missed spending the money I earned at face value.

5. Melissa time. Again, I loved spending so much time with my friends & I never got sick of them, but I require Melissa time at least every once in a while. Sometimes I needed to just be in my own space for an hour or so, or I needed to go to bed at the time I wanted to, with lights off… But that was unlikely to happen in a one room situation.

Top 5 things I miss most about Greece [the mushy stuff]

1. The food. Oh God do I miss the food. I don’t think I’ve eaten a single meal since I’ve been home that has matched up to the ones I had while I was there. So much deliciousness. The yogurt, honey, lemon chicken, stuffed vegetables, gyros, fries spiced with oregano… I could go on and on.

Lemon chicken & baked potato dinner courtesy of Naoussa in Santorini… One of the best meals I had in all of Greece! 

2. The sunsets. I’d seen some beautiful sunsets before going to Greece. Some evenings, in the summer, the sky in Montreal turns into beautiful colors of pink and orange, showing the world that another beautiful day awaits tomorrow. Then I went to Greece and saw colors in the sky that are literally miraculous. The sun would set on this country in a fiery ball of deep orange, lighting the sky in reds, yellows, oranges and pinks. The moment the sun disappeared over the horizon, the entire sky would turn into some kind of rainbow, pink covering all the land in the distance, turning into deep purple and then eventually blue. Every single day in Greece was ended like this. Every single day. You didn’t have to wonder if the next day would be beautiful weather or not, either.

Santorini sunset

3.  The beaches. I mean, this one is pretty obvious, but I just loved visiting a new beach almost every single day. You can’t go to Greece without visiting them, and there’s a reason for it. They are some of the most beautiful, with the most turquoise water I have ever seen in my entire life. The sky is always clear and reflects into the water, showing the soft, sandy & sometimes rocky bottom of the ocean. I also loved spending long, lazy days laying in the sun with a drink, a book and loud music. There’s no tan like a European tan, let me tell you!

Selina, me, Agnes & Kate in front of Myrtos Beach, Kefallonia.

4. The landscapes & architecture. I was by no means ‘culture shocked’ when I arrived in Greece, but it was certainly an entirely different culture. In Montreal I’m used to seeing huge buildings, skyscrapers, the suburbs… The usual city scenery. But Greece? It’s a whole different ball game. Around each turn there’s a breath taking view, surrounding by the traditional Greek architecture. Everything was picture perfect- especially on the islands. The homes were little and adorable, the roads often built out of stones or driven on by scooters because it was just easier. This country really and truly had it’s own distinct style and I miss it terribly.

Oia, Santorini. It really is all white & blue and picturesque. 

5. My friends. I miss the last four things very much & maybe I will until the next time I travel again, but none of it would have been even half as amazing without those three girls by my side. They made the trip worth taking, it was our high school dream brought to reality at only twenty two years old. People dream of Greece their whole LIVES without going, and we were lucky enough to be able to make it out there together in our twenties. I never got sick of seeing their faces and we NEVER ( I mean seriously, never) ran out of things to talk about. I missed them the minute we said goodbye at the airport exactly one month ago today, and my days have been that much more lonely without them in it each and every single day.

Love these girls. ❤

I swear, that is my LAST post on Greece. I will stop talking about it now in huge detail. It’s been one month since I’m home- time to get back into the game & plan where-to next!

Tell me, what is YOUR dream vacation? Have you lived it yet? 


Notes from the Journal- Final Week


A few things before getting started here…

1) Check out my guest post on Kendra‘s blog Like a Bird on living inspired. Leave comments over there, I’d love to know what you think about it!

2) This summer at Warped Tour I interviewed a whole ton of bands, and now that I’m home my interviews are starting to go up on the CONFRONT website. Currently you can check out my talk with the lead singer of Ill Scarlett!

Okay, here we go! I’ve got one more post about the details of my Greece trip to share along with some notes from my journal that I kept while I was there. I feel like I’m re-living the end of my trip all over again, so I may get a little nostalgic. Scratch that, I AM nostalgic, right now.

A few years ago, while I was still in high school, my brother practically BEGGED me to just get up and go to Europe already. I was always like ‘yeah, okay, I’m going!’ but it was only this year that I actually did. Why I didn’t do it early I have no idea. Maybe it wasn’t time yet, maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it the same way. What I can say though is that if you’ve never traveled abroad- truly abroad- to Europe or Asia or the Middle East- then you HAVE to. Whether you do it alone or with some best friends, it will change you. There is something inside that will ultimately be different.

Greece: Day 16 [August 23rd 2011… Written the following day.]

On my second full day in Santorini we finally headed to the beach. We spent the day at Perissa, one of the famous black beaches. I mean, the sand all over Santorini is black, but for some reason at this beach you just DON’T WALK BAREFOOT. Don’t do it.

We also had some legit drinks made by a bartender that I totally fell in love with (he wasn’t even Greek!) and it made me fall right asleep. We ended up staying until way too late at this beach. The result?

“By 5:45 I wasn’t feeling well, so we packed up to catch the bus home. We didn’t even think about rush hour & got stuck waiting for an hour before fitting on a bus. The whole ride home we were hysterical & squished.” 

I ended it rather importantly in my mind with: “I’m still getting used to the city here that’s nothing like I imagined. I’m loving this place more each day though and having fun meeting new people that live here.”

Perissa Beach

We were lucky enough to find a seat on the bus, but you can see how squished everyone is around us!

Greece: Day 17 [August 24th… Written the following day.]

The day we trekked a volcano. For real, this was THE COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER. I nearly got trampled alive by donkeys, I got on the cutest little boat and sailed through the Caldera, I climbed up an ACTIVE VOLCANO, took a billion pictures, and then went to some hot springs where I got photos of my friends swimming in (I didn’t swim in because I forgot my contacts that day. Damn.)

“The entire thing was huge mountains of volcanic ash and rocks. We trekked the entire mountain right up to the top. It was pretty exhausting, but a great work-out. We stopped at 2 craters on our way up that are still active. The 2nd one was still smoking! After half an hour or so we had to climb back down onto the boat. I got some amazing pictures. I couldn’t stop staring out at Santorini. You can literally see every part of the island from the top of the volcano.”

That night? I visited my DREAM place. Oia, Santorini.

“It was just as I imagined Santorini to be; beautiful, peaceful & the sunset was gorgeous. We ended up taking a lot of photos and doing more shopping… It was just really lovely. Overall it was one of my favorite days on our trip.” 

One of the friendlier donkeys… You can see we’re a little weary anyways. Also? We were climbing down 600 stairs.

The boat!

Sailing through the Caldera..

Walking some flat volcanic land… Before it got ridiculously uphill.

Looking out (on the left) at Oia, Santorini and (to the right, not pictured) the main city, Fira.

The last stretch right to the top!

Everyone swimming into the Hot Springs (that brown water closer to the volcano)

The four of us having dinner in Oia

Greece: Day 19 [August 26th 2011… Written the following evening]

My last full day in Santorini was definitely another favorite day of mine on this trip (along with that last day on the volcano). Although my friend Kate was sick and had to sit this one out, the  three of us headed out to explore some of the more remote beaches of the island.

“When we got off the bus we were basically in the middle of nowhere with no beach in sight. We wandered and followed a few other people around until we realized we had to get aboard a little speedboat that would bring us to Red Beach. We got on & had a fantastic view of Santorini’s cliffs & little surrounding islands. We noticed that the beach wasn’t very special (or red of that matter) so we stayed on the boat & went instead to the next stop which was White Beach. The sand there is black, but it’s surrounded on all sides by huge white cliffs. It was literally like a deserted island.”

Later that night the four of us got out for dinner, but Kate still wasn’t feeling good so she called it a night after we ate. The three of us decided at the last minute that we wanted to enjoy our last night so around 11 we went back out and found a little club… And ended up having the BEST time.

” We danced to the best music until 2am in the jam packed bar and only left because we knew we had to be up extra early. Santorini definitely felt like a real party place to me. We couldn’t have ended our night in a better way.”

My last words about Santorini?

“All in all, Santorini was NOT what I expected… But by the end I fell in love with the place it actually is. I saw the most beautiful sunsets over the Caldera, I trekked a volcano & saw the island from the top, and I took pictures of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. I definitely see myself coming back one day, if only for the breathtaking view.”

On the boat headed to White Beach!

The last sunset…

The three of us at the Tropical Bar on our last night… Holy tanned!

Greece: Day 20 [August 27th 2011… Written at 9:45pm]

A lot happened on my last day in Santorini. There was a lot of drama, a lot of “maybe we won’t get out of here” because our ferry got cancelled… But finally, we ended up heading back to Athens. The ferry was the most ridiculous thing of my life to say the least, but the one thing that really stood out worth sharing from this post? Maybe the line that I needed to re-read this whole time.

“I said goodbye to Santorini this afternoon, my dream vacation spot, after spending the last week there. I do get attached to people & things very easily, but I think there’s a reason I felt that way throughout this trip. You spend enough time in any place with the right people and it can begin to feel like home.” 

The four of us in Athens the following day (our LAST day) having a huge lunch! Om noms.

I still miss Greece, I miss it as I write about it and every time I look back on my pictures. It was a thrilling adventure for me, it really was. Each day brought something new for all of us, and I think I’m closer to these girls than ever before. The way we planned our trip fell so perfectly in line with what we NEEDED from it. We did everything we wanted to do, we took chances and we just had an amazing time. So yeah, it makes sense to miss it.

And now? I can’t wait to get back on a plane.

Notes from the Journal II


Last week I shared my first week & a half from Greece in short journal excerpts, and I thought I’d finish up talking about my trip in the same way. It was a lot of fun for me to look back on my writing & I’ll admit that it had me a little teary eyed and missing the ocean. There was something kind of special and homey about that country that I’ll never forget.

Greece: Day 11 [August 18th 2011 Around 7:45pm Greece time]

“Mykonos is literally more beautiful than movies and postcards and pictures. I’ve only been here for 4 hours but I’m already in love with this place, and I know the other girls are too. The view from my room at the hotel is possibly more picturesque than Kefalonia. This is exactly how I pictured Greece” 

After leaving Kefalonia, we spent one evening in Athens & the next morning woke up at 4AM (ugh, I know) to catch our ferry to Mykonos. It was a 5 hour ride but so, so worth it. After getting to our BEAUTIFUL hotel, we walked to the nearest beach, had lunch by the ocean & then we headed back to the room to relax for a few hours before going back out. Our hotel was at the very top of a hotel overlooking the main port & the city, and we all wanted a few hours to just soak it all in. This is how I ended that same entry:

“The sun is setting and the lights are going on below us in the city and I really can’t handle how gorgeous it is.” 

View of the far away city from my hotel room balcony

Greece: Day 12 [August 19th Around 12:30AM… Technically the 20th]

My post on this day is actually like 3-4 pages long because I hadn’t written in almost two days, but there is one main thing that stands out worth sharing for the ladies…

“The men here are VERY gorgeous, pretty sure I stared at a few dozen of them today alone.” 

Seriously, Mykonos was beautiful, and not only the scenery. It’s ridiculous how beautiful Europeans are. But as for the rest of the post, I wrote about how the two places we went out to eat we got free shots (we got free shots EVERYWHERE in Mykonos, it’s their thing apparently! Or we’re just very likable.) and how we had a really great time at the beach. I think this was the day I spent the most money- food in Mykonos is ridiculously expensive and I mention the fact that we had to pay 8 EUROS for a basket of bread, without even being asked if we wanted it. Crazy.

“So far though I love the vibe of Mykonos and I like how there are a lot of young friendly people.” 

The one downside to Mykonos? THE WIND. Look at us, we’re flying away! But beautiful sunset behind us, am I right?!

Greece: Day 13 [August 20th… Written the following day]

This was my favorite day in Mykonos. Here’s a little bit of how it went:

“The woman at our hotel told us we had to see a sunset in Little Venice, so we picked a restaurant by the water. We had the perfect view of the classic 5 windmills where we were sitting, and we ordered some super yummy daiquiris. Our waiter was a really nice Romanian guy who promised us good drinks, and then he gave us a free shot of I don’t know what, but it was good!” 

That was just the beginning of a really awesome evening (well, for me anyway). The whole day was actually a lot of fun, we spent yet another day by the beach & watched the most beautiful sunset over the ocean with drinks that had about 8 bazillion pieces of fruit on them. Afterwards we shopped through the winding streets of Little Venice and much later on we ended our night at a bar called “Down Under” which was awesome. We definitely weren’t big party go-ers on this trip because we preferred making the best of our days, but we at least gave it a shot and had a ton of fun. Apparently my motto of the night was ‘go big or go home!’ so you can imagine that I had quite a bit of fun.

Sunset in Little Venice… Beautiful and SO bright!

At “Down Under” bar… I miss being this tanned already!

Greece: Day 14 [August 21st… Written the following day]

I’m rather proud of myself for being very honest in my writing. I wanted to love every bit of my trip but there were parts I didn’t like, namely my first evening in Santorini. I mean, I loved my evening. But this is what I wrote about where we were staying:

“Santorini isn’t what I expected, especially not here in Fira. The city is so busy & full of tourists, and kind of dirty. It has some beautiful views though which is what I’m excited to see more of.” 

Luckily my night looked something like this:

“We had a 10pm dinner, after an hour in line, at Naoussa. It’s ranked as one of the best food places in all of Santorini and it’s easy to see why. We were served wine in line and the food was some of the best I’ve had on my whole trip.”

Luckily we stayed in Santorini long enough that my entire view on the city changed. There are still things about the place that I didn’t like, but I came to fall in love with that island like I did with each other place we were at.

The streets of Fira… Always busy and FULL of shops every which way you look.

Don’t you wish  you were sitting there right now? I do.

Greece: Day 15 [August 22nd Around 11:30PM Greece time]

All I can say is Thank God for this day. I miss this day, but most of all I miss this night. Here are two of my favorite parts:

“We got dressed & headed into Fira for breakfast and decide how to spend our first day. We ate at this amazing breakfast place called Corner that specializes in waffles & crepes. I ate an apple-cinnamon-honey waffle with the best coffee I’ve had since leaving home” 

Because really, food is part of the experience. We went back to this place again and were not disappointed. If you’re ever in Santorini you NEED to go here.

And my night? Looked something like this:

“We sat outside looking out to the ocean & the surrounding islands. We ordered a plate of cheese with 12 kinds of wine to taste, and we just relaxed & tried wine. As the sun set we all took about 800 pictures and ordered some yummy dessert for dinner. I really think it was the nicest way to spend our first day/evening. I’m finally settling into this new island- it’s just so much busier than I imagined. I’m starting to really see the beauty in this place and I’m excited for the things we have planned.” 

We spent hours at this place, the Santos Winery, which I think must have one of the most beautiful views of the sunset over the caldera. When I think back on this EXACT moment I’m so overwhelmed because it was one of the most breath-taking things I’ve ever seen. You’ve never seen a sunset until you’ve seen one here.

Our first sunset in Santorini

At the very edge of the island, overlooking some of the most beautiful parts of the world

That’s where I’m going to leave it for now! At this point, we had just 6 days left before coming home at this point and so many more things happened while we were in Santorini. I can’t wait to share those last few entries, but I’m sad that I’m closing the chapter of Greece in my life for now.

Greece: Santorini [In Pictures]


After spending a long & tiring (but amazing) weekend in Mykonos, we got on this tiny ferry-boat thing that sped us straight to Santorini in about three hours. We hardly saw it go by as we were all fast asleep. Before I knew it, we were getting off on an island that has been a dream vacation spot for me for the last 8 years or so. It’s just one of those places right?

I’ll hold my stories for another post, but for now I want to share the beauty of this place with you. Well, I’d like to try. You really just need to go- it’s one of those places EVERYONE needs to visit. You’ll be standing in the city center and you take one turn and you’ll be staring down into the Caldera- middle of the island where the volcanic island sits.

My ferry on the right hand side, this was my first view of Santorini in the early evening

Corner- our favorite breakfast spot in the city of Fira. SO. YUMMY! (stay tuned for a post on food to see what I ate there, mm.)

Shopping along the ocean front in Fira

Stairs everywhere you go! The one downside to an island on a high cliff.

Santos Winery for our first Santorini sunset. The winery sits at the very top of the cliff overlooking the Caldera which you can kind of see in the distance.

A better idea of our view from our seat at the winery…

The setting sun over the Caldera

What the sky looks like the moment the sun disappears. I know, crazy right?

The ridiculousness of the 600 stairs that leads to the dock to get to the boats for the excursions. Imagine hundreds of donkeys running up and down and hundreds of people either walking or on their backs. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

So I climbed a volcano, you might remember I mentioned that a few times? I’ll write more about it in another post, but this is the view of some of the hills we had to climb to get to the very top (the less steep ones, let me tell you). It was AWESOME.

Oia, Santorini. ❤
We came one evening to watch the sunset, and I love that you can see everyone sitting on the walls to watch too. It’s a pretty popular thing to do.

 Me in Oia (pronounced Eee-ah. I did not know that until Greece either, trust me.)

A blue church picture in Oia? Well that’s just classic.

White Beach, which coincidentally was actually white cliffs with black sand!

Red Beach. Also, only red rocks but the sand is black. Hmm.

Is there a better place in the world than your feet in the ocean? No I don’t think there is.

The four of us on our last night in Santorini. You can tell we all got some sun right?! My friend on the left is Irish so trust me when I tell you she’s quite brown for her 🙂

Santorini is just as beautiful as you see on the internet, but there are also a lot of things that you never see. I’m excited to WRITE more about my trip, but I had to get the first round of pictures out so you all have an idea how I spent my time there. Going back through my albums every day is making me so sad, you can’t even imagine. It’s crazy when you stay in a place for just 6 days and you feel like you’re leaving a new home.

Have a great weekend! 

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I can’t believe I’m already writing my post about being home from Greece. GREECE. My very first trip to Europe & my longest away from Montreal.

It was amazing.

There was actually so much amazingness to it, I’m not sure where to begin. But there are going to be a lot of posts and I’m going to hash out lots of details for people who are thinking of visiting Greece and want some tips. I’m very excited. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re ready for a week of photos, tips, stories, and more photos.

Today though, I’m going to focus on being home. I’m jet lagged, I’m still living half out of my suitcase, and I have lots of other little things that I need to catch up on.

Before I end this short post, I have a few things I want to announce.

First, go to Greece ASAP (haha, did ya see that coming?) I will share one photo for now, just because I’m home and I want to and you’ve all been very patient:

Standing at the top of Nea Kameni, the active volcanic island of Santorini. Behind us to the left: a view of Oia! 

Second, thank you to ALL my guest bloggers. While in Greece, I checked up on you all here as much as I could, and I loved seeing you share your posts with your readers. So thank you for writing something for me, I can’t wait to plan more posts with you all in the future (hopefully) and, most of all to readers, I sincerely hope you had fun meeting new bloggers and checking them all out.

Third, while I was away I had a guest post featured on the lovely Dana‘s blog about life at the age of 21. Check her out, and check out my story about my 21st birthday!

Fourth, if you read this far well then lucky you, because I’ve been thinking about this a little bit and I’ve decided that I’d love to host my very first BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! Obviously, it has to do with Greece and my guest bloggers and souvenirs.

It’s really not much, but it’s all hand chosen things from my favorite places that I visited. So if you feel like potentially winning a little care package from the Greek islands, well good.

What I’m giving away:

(from left to right)

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– One surprise of some sort that is not pictured but that I’ll be adding in 🙂

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And that’s all I’ve got for you for today. Tomorrow I’ll start writing full posts about my trip and sharing pictures, so prepare yourself. What have you been up to? How’s your life? I’m catching up on my Google Reader slowly, but let me know how you’ve been anyway. I missed blogging!



Have two weeks gone by ALREADY? That is just crazy. I only have one week left in this dream of a vacation and then I come home to the real world.

But that’s in a long time still, so let’s just back up for a second.

I am currently spending 6 days in one of my top 5 dream vacation spots. Santorini.

I’ve wanted to visit Santorini ever since I was 15 years old and I read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for the first time. Now, I’m on a beach or in a city with three of my best friends. I swear, I’m living out one of my absolute favorite books!

I’ve been to a few other places as well, but I want to keep all the details for when I come home and can share my pictures and memories. I wanted to check in once a week to give everyone the chance to update ME on life and what I’ve been missing out on, but I do hope you’re still enjoying getting to know all these bloggers (and maybe reading a few that you’ve recognized, too!)

I think the biggest problem with traveling to Europe has been the extreme cost of it all. Even traveling on a budget, this vacation has cost me an arm and a leg (and maybe I sold my soul, who knows.) but I can only imagine how worth it it’s going to be in the end.

For now I’m just going to enjoy every second of my time here because I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to come back.

Until then, enjoy the final six guest posts I have lined up for you. Some of the most special ones are coming up and I’m really excited for you all to read them. I had so much fun scheduling all of them and meeting new people getting the project together.

So while I’m gone, continue to get to know each other and have a good time where ever you are in the world.

Don’t forget to tell me what’s up in your life so I can speed read through my Google Reader when I get home, which will probably be somewhere close to the 500-700 unread posts area. SCARY.

Next time I write, it’s going to be a real-time post, and I have no doubt that I’ll just be itching to use my laptop again and write something up.

Tell me, how’s your week been? What have I missed?



As of this morning, I have only two shifts left at work (today & tomorrow) and then I’m a free bird until September! In 4 days I’ll be getting ready to board a plane to Greece… I can’t believe this is my life right now.

Oia, Santorini. The place I’m most excited to visit! 

I have so much to do in these 4 days: friends to see one last time, suitcases to pack, family dinners to have. It’s very exciting, but very stressful too. I just had a few last minute thoughts to share this morning.

1) I am officially QuaffleWing46 on Pottermore as of Monday morning, woo hoo! It’s all very exciting stuff, and if you’re trying to get early entry in the site I totally feel you. The only reason I got in was because I was awake at 4:30AM for work that day and the clue went up around that time.

If you’re wondering what the inside of the website looks like right now, it’s nothing very interesting yet, I mean it only opens in October. This is what it looks like:

A few facts about getting my account…

– The website automatically chooses your username for you. You have the choice between 4 or 5 of them and you pick one. I can understand why, but my choices were less than interesting.

– I want to be one of the people offered entry into the beta site. This is my new life goal.

– If you google ‘Pottermore clue # *insert day* you will get the answer. The website is quill.pottermore.com/*answer* and you just look on the main page for the magic quill and click it and voila.

-Let me know if you’ve got questions about it!

2) I’m having Harry Potter withdrawals and I like sharing HP pictures so I’ve got a few more to share before I leave.

Rupert at the premiere of Tom Felton’s newest movie… Sporting an I ❤ Tom Felton t-shirt. Um, adorable much?!

Tom uploaded a twitpic of himself signing Rupert’s shirt and wrote “Rups displayed our true bromance tonight! Call us tupert or rom x”

A little more Tom love. ❤

You’re all going to miss this when I’m gone, don’t even deny it. 🙂

3) I’m supposed to leave for work in 50 minutes and I’m still in my PJ’s

4) How do I pack three weeks into one suitcase?

5) I got my very first pedicure yesterday, a birthday gift from one of the girls coming with me on my trip, and it was such a neat experience! A pricey experience that I’m not sure I could afford for myself, but apparently in the summer there are ladies who do this every 3 weeks? I can understand why, but that is still so much money I just don’t have!

6) I JUST REALIZED I don’t have a wall plug converter for Europe/Greece. Crap. Anyone know what I need to get?

Okay I need to get myself to work for the day. What’s everyone else up to for the rest of the week?