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Long Weekend Recap!


Before getting started, a few little things to share! 

*All the pictures in this post are credited to Jenia and her awesomely awesome camera.
**I don’t usually post more than once per day, but I’m a little bit behind on my ‘Post A Day’ challenge so I figured why not? It’s my blog and I’ll do it if I want, ha!
***Have you seen my once-again updated navigation bar up above? I’m working on making it more accessible, and most of the pages have drop down menus that you can visit as well. My ‘About’ and ‘About Me’ sections are completely updated as well if you want to go see, and I’m working on having a page of posts worth reading to get to know me better.
**** If you don’t read all the way through this post, that’s cool it’s kind of long, but at least check out the band I mentioned, Wakey Wakey. It’ll be worth your time!


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on what’s been going on in my life, so I thought I made take up some time to write about it. I love looking back in my archives at what I was doing every month of the year and I feel like I’m doing that less and less… So basically I want to get back to it.

Although technically this wasn’t much of a weekend for me considering I’ll have worked 3 out of the 4 days, it was still a long weekend in Canada for Thanksgiving.

On Thursday I proclaimed the weekend would start early and decided not to go to school. Instead I took a personal day. Well, it should have been a homework day but since I’m having a crappy semester, it just wasn’t. I spent some time reading, updating myself on blogs, watching TV and overall not doing a whole lot.

In the evening I got myself ready and headed over to my friend Lisa’s house for the very first hockey game of the season- Habs VS Toronto Maple Leafs! We had a delicious dinner (everyone cooked something but me… Oops. Thanks guys! I got it next time!) and we basically continued to eat throughout the night while we watched our poor team get beat out by the Leafs.

Part of our feast!

The cake that had me in a hysterical fit of laughter for like 15 minutes! Soooo yummy.

Trying to eat cake while laughing is hard work!

After the game was over, we skyped with our far away friend Jenn, who’s currently living in British Columbia until Christmas! Miss this girl.

On Friday it was back to work until 4, and afterwards I headed downtown with Jenia, her boyfriend Jason & our friend Caitlin to catch a concert! You may remember in May when I traveled to Burlington to see this band called Wakey Wakey? I discovered them on One Tree Hill two or three seasons ago and have loved their music ever since. Finally, this past May, they played a show close enough to home that I got to go see them play & meet the main singer, Grubbs.

FINALLY, after lots of promises and waiting, they booked their first ever show in Montreal and it was this Friday. It was honestly such an amazing night. It was just him and his backup singer (and long-time best friend) Tanya on stage, so it was like an acoustic intimate show… Except in this tiny sold out venue. There was like 200-300 people there and I think we completely took him by surprise. We couldn’t stop cheering and people sang along to every single song. He has a song called ‘Twenty Two’ where the chorus there’s some humming and the ENTIRE crowd joined in for it- it wasn’t part of his acoustic set at all. Grubbs told the crowd after that no one had ever done that before. Montrealers know how it’s done! He also played way past his set-time because he didn’t want to get off stage, and like at the last show he entertained the crowd with his various hilarious stories.

I think this guy is one of my favorite musicians not just because of his incredible talent, but because he’s SO genuine. There are some bands who get on stage and say the same thing at every single show on their tour, but you just know that Mike Grubbs isn’t like that. He constantly busts out into random stories and he stayed after the show to meet every single person who wanted to say hello. I got to witness one guy go up to him and tell Grubbs how inspiring his music is for this guy and it was just the nicest moment ever. I’ve always wanted to have a heart to heart with a favorite artist like that.

He was constantly laughing and in shock at how much Montreal was cheering!

Jenia & I with Grubbs! Already can’t wait for the next show.

Today was a relaxing day spent at home. Sundays are my one true day off in the week where I’m not supposed to be ANYWHERE. I somehow still managed to wake up at 7:30am, but I took advantage and did some reading before getting myself out of bed. After spending the day at home, attempting productivity but mostly failing, I accidentally ended up somewhat babysitting my neighbor’s 6 year old boy.

Can I just say that 6 year old boys have way too much energy? This kid LOVES to talk. He terrified my cat and dog because they’re both old and don’t like to play, so he proceeded to plop himself in my room and tell me all sorts of random stories, effectively ruining any kind of idea I had about studying. I laughed to myself a few times because in 6 years from now I’ll totally be doing this exact same thing with my little nephew. Hehe.

In a couple hours I’ll be heading to my brother’s house for a little family Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve still got loads of homework to do because I am the master procrastinator, but at this point I’m just excited to spend some time with everyone and eat some yummy food! I’m also hoping to get a few good pictures with my sister-in-law while she’s still pregnant.

So that’s my long post for a long weekend that isn’t quite over! Tomorrow is a day off for mostly everyone except me, I’ll be working all afternoon and evening, and maybe trying once again to have a productive morning. We’ll see how that goes.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!