I love reading blogs and I’m constantly adding and updating this list so that you can meet some new, awesome bloggers too! If you leave me a comment, I will 100% check out your blog in return, so don’t be shy


I write for the following websites on a freelance basis

12 Changes 12 Months


Bloggers I found via 20sb 

Katelin from Pretty Sandy Feet

Liz from It’s Unbeweavable!

Kyla from Kyla Roma

Amy from Just a Titch

Novelista from Novelista Barista

Rachael from The Southified Masshole

Bloggers I discovered through other bloggers

Amber from Girl With the Red Hair

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet

Caitlin from To Make Love Stay

Chelsea from Roots and Rings

Ashley from Our Little Apartment

Eleni from Eleni Zoe

Mandy from Knowing the Difference

Cameron from Cameron+Whitney

Mandy from Manderz Musings

Chelsey from Paper Mama

Bloggers I discovered were awesome after they came across my blog

Stephany from Stephany Writes

Amanda from Teasingly Diverse

Mary from Bonjour, Miss Mary.

Sophie from threetimesf

Naomi from Messages in a Bottle

Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine

Bloggers with life lists

Elle from Veni. Vidi. Vici. 

Miranda from 101 Things Before You Die

Jen from Scarlet Wonderland

Paul from Simply Paul

Dana from Twenty-one

Dani from Dani the Idealist

Bailey from Bucket List

Steven from Hundred Goals

Bloggers that are real life friends

Jenia from Swim for the music that saves you

Agnes from Carpe Diem

Laura from From Jasper with Love

Christine from The New Life

Bloggers I met through the world of Twitter

Erin from Erin B. Inspired

Peter from Peter Dewolf

Lisa from Lisa’s Yarns

Liz from Dance to the Radio

Ashley from That Super Awesome Blog

San from The In Between is Mine

Natasha from Small and Charming

Katie from Katie Blogs

Erin from Reinventing Erin

Katherine from purekatherine

Lauren from Lauren Ever After

Book Bloggers

Jen from Almost Grown Up

Melissa from YA Book Shelf

Julie from Julie’s Blog

Travel Bloggers

Chris from Dream to Reality

Lauren from Never-Ending Footsteps

Kristin from time won’t wait for me

Fun reads that keep me very entertained

Oatmeal Comics

All That’s Interesting



Things We Forget


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  1. I don’t know if you add just ANY ‘Life List’ blog, but I have a Day Zero list of my own if you’d like to check it out and see if you like it. I started mine in mid-August, and I found your blog through 20sb.net while looking for other Day Zero’ers.

    I hope you’ll come check me out, and I would subcribe, but I have Blogger, but you’re in my Favorites folder about 101 lists, so I’ll stop by every now and then.

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