Remember that time?


Just like, 2 days ago, when I said I wasn’t going to be writing here anymore? Well, I have one last order of business. After my last post a lot of people tweeted/e-mailed/commented and were like “Thanks for letting us know about your new blog but the link just doesn’t work to subscribe!”Ā 

So I did some investigating with the help of my good blogger friend San and came to the conclusion that WE HAVE NO IDEA why the link doesn’t work. However, if you’d like to subscribe to my new blog & it didn’t work for you, try this:

Use the link: (or

Hope that helps, if anyone else had questions! Hope to see you all over at the new space.

& because you’ve all been very patient with all this rambling I’ve done about my new blog… Here are some Harry Potter pictures:Ā 

You’re welcome.

And thank you Tumblr for consistently creating new pictures to feed my obsession!


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