Guest Post: Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine

Today, I’m swapping blogs with the Jessica, you can catch me over at HER BLOG today writing about the top 5 albums that influenced me the most growing up (no, not Backstreet Boys, but I was tempted!)
Jessica and I quickly realized that we have about a million things in common after she came across my blog (I think it was a Mumford & Sons post that brought her over, how fitting!) and since then I keep finding new hobbies that we share.
I love her post today- it mixed in two of my favorite things: books and music. Not to mention she’s got wicked taste in both so you’re all in for a treat! Don’t forget to check out her blog once you’ve read her post over here, and go check mine out too and let me know what you think! 🙂
Hello Press Play readers!  I am Jessica and I blog at Sweet Green Tangerine.  I’m so excited to be writing on Melissa’s blog today.  Melissa is one of my best blog friends and favorite blog reads.  Our instant connection was over music, and then recently we realized we shared the same love for books.  So for my guest post today, I thought it only appropriate that I combine the two.
You see, I do this really nerdy thing.  I create music playlists specific for the book that I’m reading.  It’s a list of songs that I feel really capture the novel’s mood.  It creates this well-rounded listening and reading experience.  To this day I can’t hear Florence without picturing Katniss running through the woods.  I love that connection.
So I decided to share a few of these lists with you guys today.  I chose a couple books that Melissa and I both loved and then the one I’m currently reading.  They created a nice variety of different sounds.
First up.
This is one of my favorite playlists (as well as one of my favorite books).  I created it a couple years ago when I first read the books.  I listen to it still today. Gearing up for the movie (eek!)  It is a mix of powerful drum-heavy jams and tender acoustic ballads.  Here are some of my favorites (with a few new ones added).
Delirium is another one of those popular dystopian teen novels.  It wasn’t quite as dark as The Hunger Games but I still enjoyed it a lot.  I thought I would share this one because the 2nd book of the trilogy, Pandemonium, is being released very soon (Feb 28) Eeek!  This playlist is moody yet motivating.  Think young love and rebellion.
This is the novel I’m reading right now, so I felt like I had to share it.  It’s a pretty slow paced book so the songs are all very laid back, melancholy and reminiscent, with the exception of the punk/rock songs which I felt were appropriate for the main characters boyfriend.  Read it and you’ll know what I mean.
Well I hope you all enjoyed my playlists.  I’m sorry if the musicians were specific only to my taste.  I really tried to branch out a bit.  And I hope you consider creating your own playlists for whatever it is you’re reading.
Thanks for reading & thanks to Melissa for having me!
To read more about me, my favorite music and reads, click over to Sweet Green Tangerine.
Have a fantastic week.

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